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Difficulty Levels

Beginner Intermediate Expert


1 Graph 2 Dynamic programming
3 Strings 4 2 little boys shirts and a pair jeans.
5 Arrays 6 Linked List
7 Backtracking 8 Divide and Conquer
9 Numbers 10 Priority Queue
11 Recursion 12 Search
13 Pair 14 Deque
15 Sorting Techniques 16 Bit Manipulation Problems

Top Companies Interview Questions

1 Google 2 Microsoft
3 Amazon 4 Facebook
5 Adobe 6 Apache
7 Bloomberg 8 Epic Systems
9 Flipkart 10 Goldman Sachs
11 Groupon 12 LinkedIn
13 NetApp 14 NVIDIA
15 Oracle 16 Qualcomm
17 Twitter 18 Yahoo

All Problems

Find an extra element in two almost similar arrays2022-01-15 22:12:34
find the Arithmetic Progression sequenceCasadei Pellame Tulle Negro Platform Heel2022-01-09 22:50:36
Find the Nth-term in a given arithmetic progressionBrooks Brothers hooded navy Windbreaker Jacket 22021-04-18 22:31:27
Find The Minimum time differenceFabulous Cache Wide Waist Jeans (1)2021-04-11 23:01:01
Departure and Destination Cities in a given itinerarySUPER CUTE JEAN SKIRT2021-01-28 22:26:08
Given an array, rank its elementsC&C California Sun Horizon Graphic Blue Crew Neck2021-01-24 22:23:41
Find Three Consecutive Odd Numbers in an arrayCharter Club women Floral Sleepwear Size S2021-01-21 23:19:59
Convert to Non-decreasing Array with one changeChaps Purse2021-01-20 22:39:26
In an array, Duplicate the zeroes without expanding itCelebrity Pink Skinny Jeans2021-01-14 22:52:31
Maximum Depth of Valid Nested Parentheses in an arithmetic expressionLive Today In All Caps Cozie2021-01-10 21:13:07
Convert a Decimal number to its representationCalypso strapless cashmere dress2021-01-08 00:50:53
Maximum Consecutive Ones in a given arrayPearl & Fringe Dangle Earring Set2021-01-07 01:40:52
Duplicate even elements in an arrayLadies Midi Dress2021-01-01 21:18:33
Minimum Increments to make all array elements uniqueCute - Women Nude heels sz 72020-12-23 23:24:49
In a number, add digits until it becomes a single digitChico's Long Fashion Necklace Fall Colors EUC2020-12-20 13:13:35
Maximum Surpasser in the given array2020-12-18 00:53:54
Find the number of pairs with odd XORiPhone XR casetify phone case2020-12-17 00:34:36
Maximum CPU Load Problem in a jobs listJeans2020-12-14 00:51:05
Add digits until the number becomes a single digitLike New Bling Tan and Sparkle Small Crossbody2020-12-12 22:08:04
Check If Student is eligible for an Attendance RewardBravado Guns N Roses Graphic Tee2020-12-12 00:16:39
Maximum overlaps in a given list of time intervalsCCM Vector 10.0 Hockey skates2020-12-11 00:58:18
Remove Duplicates in a given Sorted ArrayCuffed crop top2020-12-09 23:27:09
Random character in a given string – JavaStriped Wrap Top2020-12-06 22:31:39
Replace Elements with Greatest Element on RightSuper cool sweatpants!2020-12-05 21:56:11
Count number of pairs in an array with sum = Kburberry jacket2020-12-04 22:46:48
Count similar words in a given arrayChaps Womens Size Medium Striped Linen Blend Long Sleeve Button2020-12-04 00:14:48
Maximum distance from the nearest person.Knit Swear with rolled sleeves & button closures.2020-12-03 00:38:26
Sort 0, 1, 2 in an array – Part 2Carter Baby Girl Black Coat2020-11-29 16:05:30
Sort 0, 1, 2 in an array – Part 1White, Coral, & Dark Gray Tee2020-11-29 00:50:00
Override the compare function for Collections.sort methodChip & Pepper Gray Black Animal Print Jeans Sz 282020-11-28 00:58:49
Sum of all the overlapping elementsDress2020-11-26 21:32:51
Design a data structure for Candidate Voting ProblemCaution To The Wind Blouse Black Gingham Checkered2020-11-25 22:20:52
Find the Number of Contiguous Parking AreasGirls Capezio leotards bundle2020-11-22 21:02:38
Get specific row K in a Pascal TriangleNWT C9 Champion Activewear Tank Top2020-11-12 00:56:24
Design data structure for players and ranksCarolina Herrera silver mother of pearl statement necklace2020-11-05 21:03:34
Maximum Bipartite Matching Problem – Java2020-10-31 14:00:11
Override the compare function for Arrays.sort method – JavaCalvin Klein Talisa2020-10-30 21:38:40
What is a Pascal Triangle?Crochet swim cover2020-10-29 23:41:59
Minimum Deletions to make the occurrence of each character unique.2020-10-28 22:00:30
Calculate tax on income as per given tax brackets.Brooks Brother White Pant2020-10-27 21:39:53
Valid Pickup and Delivery options2020-10-15 21:29:48
Print Top 10 videos from ListJacket2020-10-08 23:22:08
Compare two version numbers of a softwareBrooks Brothers Chino Pants Men 34 x 32 Beige Flat Front Mid Ris2020-09-20 21:15:12
The largest number can be formed from the given numberSlim Horseshoe Handle Rhinestone Clutch2020-09-19 00:09:34
Minimum number of adjacent swaps to sort the given array2020-09-16 22:34:03
Minimum number of times String A is repeated to such that B is substring of ABuffalo by David Button cargo shorts2020-09-13 22:50:24
Print all nested directories and files in a given directory – RecursionCarlos Falchi Pouch2020-09-11 21:10:50
Check if the given playlist of programs is validCecico Coral Tank Top Womens Medium NWOT2020-09-11 00:33:49
Maximum meetings in one roomChris & Carol Sweater2020-09-10 00:18:10
Find the number of pairs with even XORBurberry Harbourne Heritage Black Double Breasted Trench Coat US2020-09-06 14:15:44
Unresolved references error – Django in PyCharm and IntelliJCapezio cross body shoulder bag red faux leather bucket style ga2020-09-06 00:10:55
Given an array, Find the number of all pairs with even sumCanada Goose Black Label Carson Parka - Black, XS2020-09-01 20:46:25
The number of cycles in a given array of integers.2020-08-24 22:11:42
Check if given sudoku is valid or notShoes2020-08-21 22:22:08
Find Election WinnerAn unopened.56 oz tube of Burt Bees Herbal Defense Ointment2020-08-19 23:24:44
Sort the indexes of the array as per the elements of the arrayZENERGY BY CHICO'S geometric regular sz top sz 32020-08-06 23:00:02
Construct the Largest number from the given digitsgirls cat & jack star shorts size large2020-08-06 00:05:51
Carlos by Carlos Santana Bentley Ankle BootCalvin Klein UltimateBoot Womens Jeans 28/6 Blue2020-08-04 19:03:14
Find Lexicographically smallest or largest substring of size kCalvin Klein black pocketed sheath dress2020-08-02 21:34:26
Largest word in dictionary by removing a few characters from the given stringSkirt2020-08-01 23:19:34
Calculate (x^y)%z without using pow() functionCat & Jack I Heart Sharks Boys' XL NWT2020-07-01 23:36:34
Check if one string is a subsequence of another string.Raspberry colored Tunic Jacket size XL2020-06-17 23:39:48
Most frequent wordNew Women sweater2020-06-07 23:51:44
Efficient Robot Problem – Find Minimum Trips2020-06-05 22:40:40
Job Sequencing algorithm – JavaChico's Purple Sweater Large Burnout Stripe Spring Summer Sweate2020-06-03 22:35:58
Find subarray with a sum to given number-2 | Handle negative numbers3 for Sale Jaw-some Shark Graphic Tee2020-06-01 23:39:40
Sort the two dimensional (2D) array – In-placeDress heels2020-05-22 21:02:25
Implement/Design the version control map systemCHLOE Padlock Paddington Blue Zip Key Wallet2020-05-19 23:03:58
Given an array, count the number of pairs with a given sum.Men cabela shirt2020-05-17 21:10:53
Sort Map as per values – Java ProgramCable & Gauge long sleeved wrap style dress.2020-05-07 22:59:13
Two Sum ProblemVintage Charles Jourdan Suede Black Heels2020-05-05 23:23:57
Find if any two intervals overlap in given intervalsCharlotte Russe Shorts2020-04-16 23:43:47
Given an array, find the number of all pairs with odd sum.NWT white C9 Champion Duo Dry shorts, sz XL2020-04-14 23:37:28
Given an array, find all unique subsets with a given sum with allowed repeated digits.Jean looking leggings2020-04-13 00:06:20
Print all steps to convert one string to another stringBlack maxi dress2020-04-09 00:35:33
Lexicographically next permutation With One swapBurberry Tank Top2020-04-06 22:57:48
Find all subsets of size K from a given number N (1 to N)Long sleeves2020-04-04 22:54:52
Sum of distinct elements among two given setsCalvin Klein Reversible Belt2020-04-02 22:39:14
Find all possible combinations with sum K from a given number N(1 to N) with the repetition of numbers is allowedPerfect transition knit Sweater dress2020-03-22 22:55:27
Stable Marriage Problem – Gale–Shapley Algorithm – Java2020-03-14 23:08:29
Insert a node in the given sorted linked list.Pastel green vintage shirt2020-02-17 22:30:38
Construct the largest number from the given array.Burberry Small Zippered Nova Check Pouch Clutch Make Up Bag2020-02-14 00:01:41
Given an array, find three-element sum closest to ZeroCalvin Klein Bralette2020-02-04 23:11:00
Print sorted unique elements of a given arrayBrooks brothers penny loafer brown men size 112020-01-30 21:45:49
Given an array, print all unique subsets with a given sum.Calvin Klein dress shirt2020-01-26 22:16:21
Sum of length of subsets which contains given value K and all elements in subsets are less than equal to K.Cabela button down shirt sz small purple NWT2020-01-20 21:59:47
Replace array elements with maximum element on the right.haus Gray Silk Suit Jacket Blazer 62020-01-18 20:26:28
Find all unique combinations of numbers (from 1 to 9 ) with sum to NGray top by Chelsea &theodore size L2020-01-12 22:17:38
Number of Intervals in which given value liesTunic style cowl neck sweater rhinestone detail2020-01-10 23:19:08
Activity Selection ProblemChalk Couture Lot2020-01-06 21:38:14
Find the sum of overlapping elements in two setsSparkle iPhone XR case with pop socket2020-01-04 21:16:53
Given two coordinates, Print the line equation**3/20 Chaps black detailed short sleeve shirt2020-01-02 21:56:43
Check if Graph is Bipartite – Adjacency List using Breadth-First Search(BFS)2019-12-30 22:29:10
Articulation Points OR Cut Vertices in a Graph2019-12-28 13:07:06
Print all middle elements of the given matrix/2D array.Cato sweater aztek design2019-12-26 21:19:54
Check If Given Undirected Graph is a treeBumkins Reusable Alligator / Crocodile Lunch Bag2019-12-24 21:53:37
Find the number of distinct Islands OR connected components.2019-12-22 20:58:19
Check the completeness of given binary tree | Set 2 – Using Level Order TraversalCat & Jack Newborn pumpkin outfit with headband2019-12-20 12:50:19
Depth-First Search (DFS) in 2D Matrix/2D-Array – Recursive SolutionCrossbody Charmin Charlie2019-12-18 21:00:32
Numbers with prime set bits in a given range using Sieve of Eratosthenes AlgorithmCALIA by Carrie Underwood sz M Gray Floral Cropped Leggings2019-12-16 22:10:46
Print All Paths in Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm2019-12-14 15:47:26
Hamming Distance between two given integersBuffalo David Bitton T-shirt2019-12-12 21:32:06
Breadth-First Search (BFS) in 2D Matrix/2D-ArrayNEW W/ TAGS!! Pink heart printed zip up snowsuit2019-12-10 20:43:34
Check the completeness of given binary tree | Set 1 – Using Node CountNWT Christopher John Rogers shift dress XS2019-12-08 12:36:18
Number of Islands using BFSCalvin Klein patent leather and strappy sandal2019-12-06 20:25:30
Find all the Armstrong numbers in the given rangeVINTAGE CAT DIESEL POWER SNAPBACK HAT CAP YELLOW BLACK SATIN ROP2019-12-04 21:48:33
Check if the given binary tree is Full or not.Vintage Carole Little Crop Top2019-12-02 14:56:32
Check if given undirected graph is connected or notCalvin Klein Pull-On Wide-Waistband Knit Pants2019-11-30 14:44:26
Check if Graph is Bipartite – Adjacency List using Depth-First Search(DFS)2019-11-28 15:07:24
Print boundary of given matrix/2D array.Candie's Empire Waist Skater Dress Multicolor2019-11-26 21:11:14
Depth-First Search (DFS) in 2D Matrix/2D-Array – Iterative SolutionC A b I MIDI Dress2019-11-24 20:52:46
Longest substring with at most K unique charactersBuxom, urban decay and more bundle2019-11-22 21:22:47
Collatz Conjecture – Maximum Steps takes to transform (1, N) to 1.Boss Babe Lilac Tee XL2019-11-20 21:17:01
Given Graph – Remove a vertex and all edges connect to the vertexBurberry half mega fringe scarf2019-11-18 14:37:51
Print Stack in reverse order.Candie's Bermuda2019-11-16 21:36:18
Sort a given stack – Using Recursion2019-11-14 21:10:27
Given an array, Print sum of all subsetsCabela Coolmax Seersucker Short Sleeve Shirt2019-11-12 20:59:23
Determine the given routing number belong to which bankCharming Charlie necklace2019-11-10 15:41:50
Check if interval is covered in given coordinatesCarter's 2t long sleeve navy blue girls shirt2019-11-08 20:48:40
Lexicographically previous permutation With One swapCarter's OshKosh Girls T-shirt Lot 3T NWT Butterfly Racoon 2 shi2019-11-06 23:01:11
Find all unique combinations of exact K numbers (from 1 to 9 ) with sum to NBurberry London SZ 5/XL light rust button down shirt.2019-11-04 21:27:11
Number’s Complement – 2 Approachesight Brown Velcro Sling Back Heels2019-11-02 20:56:52
Print all subsets of an array with a sum equal to zerobBlack Distressed Shorts2019-10-30 23:31:12
Social Network Problem2019-10-28 22:48:55
Maximum number edges to make Acyclic Undirected/Directed GraphJean mini skirt2019-10-27 00:33:10
Evaluation of Prefix Expressions (Polish Notation) | Set 2Brown Italian leather boots NWT dust bag and box2019-10-24 22:03:52
Hamming Distance between two given stringswomen black shorts2019-10-22 15:30:12
Breadth-First Search in Disconnected GraphChase Authentics Nascar Racing Jacket2019-10-20 22:02:37
ZigZag OR Diagonal traversal in 2d array/Matrix using queueC.C INFINITY SCARF2019-10-18 22:43:43
Check if Number is divisible by its digitsMen Champion Black Shorts2019-10-16 19:51:17
Check if the given number is Armstrong number or not3 for Caribbean Joe Pink Blouse2019-10-14 23:17:43
Evaluation of Prefix Expressions (Polish Notation) | Set 1Champion- Cal Poly Men Grey Crewneck Small2019-10-12 16:46:38
Minimum Boats Required to rescue peopleCalia by Carrie Underwood Flow Gray Strappy Tank Top Sz Large L2019-10-10 21:36:39
Number of IslandsSlate grey Calvin Klein cropped joggers2019-10-08 21:50:42
Minimum No of operations required to convert a given number to 1 – Integer Replacement Problem.Cachet Black Velvet eaded Floor Length Skirt Vintage Size 42019-10-06 16:00:02
Evaluation of Postfix Expressions (Polish Postfix notation) | Set 2CHICO No Iron Poppy Red 3/4 Sleeve Button Down Shirt (S)2019-10-04 23:35:14
Evaluation of Postfix Expressions (Polish Postfix notation) | Set 1Men's Calvin Klein Body Fit Striped Pants 32302019-10-03 00:44:00
Find all the numbers in the range which has prime set bits.Cable & Gauge Cardigan, Size S, Crew Neck, Front Button Closure,2019-09-30 20:31:04
Check if Graph is Bipartite – Adjacency Matrix using Depth-First Search(DFS)2019-09-28 23:25:58
Check if Arithmetic Expression contains duplicate parenthesisCelebrity Pink pants purple size 32019-09-26 21:08:50
Introduction to Bipartite Graphs OR BigraphsCache Pastel Pink Beaded Overlay Long Sleeve Blouse women small2019-09-25 20:54:08
Reverse the Directed GraphCARTER'S 2 pc Baby Lobster Costume 24m2019-09-22 21:50:05
Round Price Problem2019-09-20 22:21:46
Smallest Number after Removing K digits2019-09-18 21:33:04
Find Third Smallest elements in a given arrayDino onesie with hood2019-09-16 22:08:13
Determine the order of Tests when tests have dependencies on each otherChadwick 100% Leather Blazer2019-09-14 23:57:36
Implement Graph Using Map – JavaChaus woman size 20 skirt2019-09-12 20:30:54
Find the maximum number present in a StringChampion Long Sleeve2019-09-10 20:01:59
Count number of subgraphs in a given graphNew never worn wedges2019-09-08 20:18:57
Reverse a Stack using recursion – In Place (Without using extra memory)2019-09-06 22:38:40
Check if given an edge is a bridge in the graphChristy Dawn The Hannah Jumper Cerulean L NWT2019-09-04 20:59:33
Convert Prefix to Postfix ExpressionCAbi Lightweight Trench Coat Sand Color Size 62019-09-02 23:01:26
Convert Roman Number to IntegerChico's black shorts sz. 2,52019-08-31 01:35:12
Sort a given stack – Using Temporary StackChampion sports bra - 42D - nude - ACT70d2019-08-30 19:49:53
Convert Postfix to Prefix Expression2 piece toddler outfit2019-08-28 20:59:02
K-Means Algorithm2019-08-24 22:40:20
Convert Integer to RomanCato black capri flat front chino style pants 142019-08-24 22:16:44
String to Integer (AtoI – ASCII to Integer) – Recursive SolutionChampion sweater athletic wear2019-08-22 23:40:21
Grouping of AnagramsCato Jeweled Toe Loop Bronze Sandals2019-08-20 23:01:05
Print Processes and its messages from a given log fileMen Callaway golf shoes. Size 9.52019-08-18 23:49:12
Linear Search vs Binary SearchJacket2019-08-16 23:52:54
Count the number of nodes in a given binary treeNEW Charter Club Imitation Pearl 12mm Earrings2019-08-14 22:40:21
Sieve of Eratosthenes – Find all Prime Numbers less than equal to N | Set 2Caribbean Pineapple Print Button Front Hawaiian Shirt Silk Blend2019-08-12 22:56:32
Longest contiguous character in a given String – O(N) SolutionCASIO CTK-4000 PIANO W/ STAND, BOOK GUIDE, & POWER CABLE2019-08-10 23:42:43
Convert Postfix to Infix ExpressionCarlos Falchi Ostrich Handbag AUTHENTIC W RECEIPT2019-08-08 23:27:35
Collatz Conjecture – Steps to transform Number to 1Caboodles Beauty Mirror Light Box Set - Hot Pink2019-08-06 23:48:10
String to Integer (AtoI – ASCII to Integer)3/ Spring Blouse2019-08-04 01:07:26
Find all Prime Numbers less than equal to N | Set 1Calvin Klein Women Jeans In Dark Wash Stretch2019-07-28 00:42:00
Longest substring with at most two unique charactersMen Chaps Golf Pants, Size 422019-07-24 00:14:11
Monotone Increasing DigitsStylish blouse with sparkles size M2019-07-15 23:33:05
Convert Prefix to Infix ExpressionBaby Girl Swimsuit 18M2019-06-22 16:46:07
Convert Infix to Prefix ExpressionEyeshadow2019-06-12 23:49:19
Find third largest element in a given arrayBrooks Brothers Cardigan Womens M Blue White Striped Cotton Cash2019-05-29 20:21:18
Find duplicates Characters in the given StringLF Carmar | Zipper Mini Denim Skirt2019-05-21 20:32:57
Max Flow Problem – Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm2019-05-16 22:05:48
Sum of all Unique elements in a given arrayCourage the Cowardly Dog Vtg Stickers Bundle2019-05-07 21:13:04
Java program to find the largest element in arrayEUC Burberry Brit 1/4 Zip Sweater Blue Medium2019-05-03 00:09:03
Convert Infix to Postfix ExpressionHost Pick NWT Calvin Klein Denim Tulle Dress2019-04-23 23:28:26
Find three smallest elements in a given arrayCache Sweater2019-04-16 00:07:24
Evaluation of Infix expressionsCABI SHIRT DRESS SZ SMALL2019-04-09 00:18:00
Stack Java Class – ExplainedLightweight fall jacket size L2019-04-03 21:59:05
Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache – Using LinkedHashSet and Deque | Set 22019-04-01 21:59:32
Merge K sorted Linked List – Using Priority Queue2019-03-26 21:11:02
Infix, Postfix and Prefix Notations/ExpressionsChampion shorts (boys)2019-03-24 23:20:58
Count Set bits in a given NumberCeCe dress2019-03-20 23:32:49
Check if array contains all unique or distinct numbers.Champion Slides2019-03-16 23:47:03
Product of all Unique elements in a given array.Burberry Mens Peacoat2019-03-03 22:36:36
Valid Multiple ParenthesesWomen's Brittany Black XL Rose and Gold Blouse2019-02-22 00:34:03
Reverse a given number – Java CodeChloe rose gold crackled scalloped flats2019-02-17 23:13:30
Check if given number is perfect square – O(√N) Solutionlight blue Champion hoodie/sweatshirt2019-02-09 13:48:09
Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache – Using HashMap and Doubly Linked List | Set 12019-02-05 22:59:48
Find first three largest elements in a given arrayBlack skirt2019-02-03 01:00:24
Selection Sort – Java ImplementationBurberry Slides2019-01-29 22:46:26
Print Number with its Sign in JavaCarter baby girl fleece lined black unicorn print legging 3M2019-01-28 00:55:46
Find the nearest building which has bike | Find nearest specific vertex from source in a graph.2019-01-26 23:13:34
Valid Brackets – Part 2 | Stack MethodCalvin Klein Atlanits Side Ruched Bikini Bottoms2019-01-24 23:02:32
Find the roots of Quadratic Equation – Java ProgramLike New - Burt Bees Button Romper2019-01-23 20:52:50
Given two strings validate the output stringSheer lacy floral button down2019-01-21 20:33:39
Generate all the strings of length n from 0 to k-1.Bullhead Size 1 Jean Shorts Aztec Print Denim2019-01-13 22:53:11
Find two smallest elements in a given arrayMens Champion black jacket Large2019-01-05 23:41:24
Front and Back Search in an ArrayAuthentic Vintage Burberry Sport Jacket2018-12-30 01:09:19
Print all Unique elements in a given arrayChampion leggings2018-12-19 01:50:07
Multiply with power of 2 without using pow() or * operatorCarlos Santana Heels Sandal2018-12-16 21:16:20
Find Number of reverse pairs in an arraySALE! Harry Potter book& The Lost Years of Merlin2018-12-15 14:10:38
Find first two largest elements in a given array(Carter's) Baby Gray Fleece Button Animal Ear Hoodie 9 months2018-12-13 00:04:40
Calculate Logn base r – Java ImplementationCato Pinstriped Jean's - Size 6 NWT!2018-12-11 01:00:54
Max Flow Problem – Introduction2018-12-09 20:35:40
Dijkstra Algorithm Implementation – TreeSet and Pair Class2018-11-21 15:10:26
Java Program to find Sum the elements of an ArrayCato Sportswear Lined Crochet Pants2018-11-21 14:33:54
Insertion Sort – Java ImplementationCato J/M Sportswear Sweater2018-11-19 21:59:01
Find Largest and Smallest word in a given StringBurton HOD Imprint 2 Snowboard Boots2018-11-03 23:18:30
Check if Given Number is power of 2.Cute short lace Top2018-10-27 18:26:37
Rotate the given array in cyclesBUCK MASON L SHIRT 3703 CURVE HEM2018-09-21 18:22:28
Heap Sort – Java ImplementationVintage Champion Goose Down Vest2018-09-11 21:21:41
Print First n numbers in Fibonacci Series3for Chicos beaded pink gold stretch bracelet2018-09-05 20:00:55
Find the Area and Perimeter of Rectangle – Java ProgramCarters sale 3/2018-09-02 00:01:41
Find no of reverse pairs in an array which is sorted in two parts in O(N)2018-08-26 21:03:09
Reverse the given String using StackBtween | 6 Girls tie dye pastel romper shorts ruffle sleeve EUC2018-08-22 22:10:50
Stack Data Structure – Introduction and ImplementationCalvin Klein Classic Bandeau one Piece Swimsuit2018-08-21 00:03:08
Dijkstra’s – Shortest Path Algorithm (SPT) – Adjacency List and Priority Queue – Java Implementation2018-08-17 22:46:01
Bubble Sort and Optimized Bubble Sort- Java ImplementationCharlotte Russe muted lavender pencil skirt2018-08-15 22:01:39
Find the Area of Triangle using base and height – Java ProgramCalvin Klein performance stretch size XS2018-08-12 19:43:10
Get the Sum of Digits in a number till it become a single digitCalvin Klein Green tote2018-08-08 23:49:57
Calculate Log2n without using built-in functionNWOT Newborn eace Joy Naps tutu bodysuit2018-08-05 13:09:27
Check if given number is Prime – O(√N) Solution – Java ProgramCalvin Klein Pajama Short M Elastic Logo Waistband Pull On Black2018-08-04 12:30:15
Print First N Prime Numbers – Java CodeCato brown denim A-line full skirt 42018-08-02 22:05:53
Print My IP Address – Java CodeCatimini Denim Dress2018-07-31 23:04:52
Find the Circumference of a Circle – Java ProgramCAMPER Myriam Bootie2018-07-30 22:51:28
Check if two Strings are equal without using built-in function – JavaChico's Brown Pleated Stretch Belt Toggle Buckle Size Medium M L2018-07-30 22:36:52
Remove Vowels from a given StringCape Robbin Denim Lace-Up High Heels Size 10M2018-07-29 22:45:21
Linear Search AlgorithmCharters Club Blue Floral Button Down Blazer Jacket2018-07-28 21:07:29
Dijkstra’s – Shortest Path Algorithm (SPT) – Adjacency List and Min Heap – Java Implementation2018-07-25 21:38:54
Floyd’s Triangle – Java ImplementationChaser linen stripe ruffle shorts size XS NWT2018-07-24 23:31:44
Print Numbers from 1 to N without using loopChico's Patchwork Peplum Flutter Short Sleeves Red Pink Size 2P2018-07-17 21:23:15
Swap two numbers using Bitwise XOR OperatorCabela Henley2018-07-16 00:01:20
Java Program to determine if Given Year is Leap YearStretch denim skirt with embroidered sequin detail2018-07-13 21:00:32
Find number of Distinct Permutations of a StringBlack romper, brand new, never worn. Size small.2018-07-10 20:09:56
Find the Area of a Circle – Java ProgramBlack Dress Pants2018-07-08 00:52:58
Dijkstra’s – Shortest Path Algorithm (SPT) – Adjacency Matrix – Java Implementation2018-07-05 21:32:16
Fizz Buzz Challenge – Java ImplementationNWOT Celebrity Pink Faux Leather Jacket2018-07-02 20:32:18
Divide with power of 2 without using pow() or / operatorVINTAGE Catalina Plaid Jacket2018-06-29 21:50:20
Maximum Difference between two elements in array – Largest Gap ProblemCharter club sequin top2018-06-27 23:26:53
Minimum number of guesses needed to find a specific numberC&C California Blue Dress Embroidered2018-06-25 00:24:15
Left Shift (<>) OperatorsCalvin Klein sheer matching pink bralette + undie set2018-06-22 21:31:05
Dijkstra’s – Shortest Path Algorithm (SPT)2018-06-20 11:08:44
Replace all vowels with next consonant in a given stringCat and Jack Baby Blue and White Pajamas2018-06-18 00:08:11
Find the Area of a Triangle Using coordinatesCharter club2018-06-16 20:00:23
Java Program to find if Triangle can be formed using given 3 sidesMulticolored sweater2018-06-16 14:08:18
Convert Number to base 3 String RepresentationCalvin Klein Womens Pink Ruffled A-Line Midi Wrap Skirt NWOT2018-06-16 13:59:13
Find the Area of a Triangle Given Three Sides – Heron’s FormulaChaco black sandals woman's size 82018-06-09 13:29:49
Find Factorial of a given NumberVery Vintage Black Brooks Brothers Belt2018-06-09 12:39:24
Reverse a String using RecursionBaby girl unicorn slippers 12-24m Cat and Jack2018-06-09 12:10:26
Find Sum of all Digits of a NumberNWT Chaps plum dress2018-06-09 12:04:31
Print maximum occurring character in a StringVintage Black and silver sweater2018-06-09 00:37:38
Kruskal’s Algorithm – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) – Complete Java Implementation2018-05-29 21:03:52
Introduction to Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)Charlotte Russe Heels2018-05-17 00:04:11
Prim’s – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) |using Adjacency List and Priority Queue without decrease key in O(ElogV)2018-05-15 20:19:52
Prim’s – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) |using Adjacency List and Priority Queue with decrease key2018-05-13 15:56:05
Prim’s – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) |using Adjacency List and Min Heap2018-05-07 19:47:49
Prim’s – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) |using Adjacency Matrix2018-04-25 22:29:57
Prim’s Algorithm – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)2018-04-21 21:40:54
Graph – Find Cycle in Undirected Graph using Disjoint Set (Union-Find)2018-04-15 13:23:01
Disjoint Set | Union-Find Algorithm – Union by rank and path compression2018-04-12 00:28:01
Disjoint Set Data Structure – Union Find Algorithm2018-04-07 23:27:03
Graph – Count all paths between source and destinationChampion Cadet D Ring Belt Medium Red - CH30132018-04-05 21:07:39
Graph – Find Number of non reachable vertices from a given vertexParty dress2018-04-02 20:19:14
Graph – Detect Cycle in a Directed Graph using colors2018-03-29 22:21:43
Graph – Detect Cycle in an Undirected Graph using DFSChildren Place Girls Size Med (7/8) Black Faux Fur2018-03-26 23:17:41
Graph – Detect Cycle in a Directed GraphBurt Bees Baby Organic Cotton Dresses 5/62018-03-21 21:54:43
Graph – Software Installation ProblemCropped sweater with tribal design2018-03-18 19:54:38
Snake and Ladder Problem2018-03-14 21:14:11
Weighted Graph Implementation – JAVACeline Varsity Jacket2018-03-13 22:23:16
Graph – Depth First Search in Disconnected GraphBURBERRY Signature Print Long Sleeve Button Up2018-03-11 13:43:04
Topological SortPatriotic blue tee featuring stars along neckline2018-03-06 22:16:05
Graph – Depth First Search using RecursionNew Call it Spring Boots size 10 Mens.2018-03-04 10:13:52
Graph Implementation – Adjacency Matrix | Set 3Catimini Jacket2018-03-01 22:51:52
Java Pair ClassChloe Lauren Lace Sneaker2018-02-25 20:43:10
Graph Implementation – Adjacency List – Better| Set 2Winona State Fleece-Lined Jacket2018-02-22 22:30:55
Minimum Copy Paste OperationsCharlie Paige Sweater Poncho | Tan Beige2018-02-17 18:39:55
Count and print all Subarrays with product less than K in O(n)2018-02-12 23:10:46
Sliding Window Algorithm (Track the maximum of each subarray of size k)2018-02-10 18:38:00
Deque Implementation – JavaTiered Blue Floral Knee length Dress2018-02-08 22:29:57
Print all sub sequences of a given StringChic soul dress2018-02-05 22:23:27
Graph – Print all paths between source and destinationCharlie Paige Peach & Taupe Sleeveless Top2018-02-04 13:48:30
Graph – Depth First TraversalStatement Necklace2018-02-01 22:19:03
Print all sub sequences of a given array2018-01-28 22:34:36
Print all substrings of a given stringChelsea 28 Pleated Floral Lace Dress2018-01-26 00:08:36
Sum of all sub arrays in O(n) Time2018-01-22 18:09:42
Print all subarrays of a given arrayRed, Blue and White Stripped Tank Top2018-01-19 17:47:19
Text Justification Problem (OR Word Wrap Problem)2018-01-16 17:37:39
Dynamic Programming – Egg Dropping Problem2018-01-13 22:24:22
Nuts & Bolts Problem (Lock & Key problem)Burton Flannel Shirt2018-01-10 20:29:28
Divide and Conquer – Rearrange array elements in special orderCALVIN KLEIN JEANS womens Skinny Crop Jeans NWT2018-01-05 20:18:16
Dynamic programming – Printer Problem2018-01-01 12:57:02
Remove Duplicates from a stringCamper Alicante purple Mary jane flats2017-12-28 19:12:11
Find median of two sorted arrays of same sizeCATO Cut Out Sleeve Light Weight Sweater2017-12-23 14:01:30
Dynamic programming – Minimum Jumps to reach to end2017-12-17 13:42:17
Dynamic programming – Remove Boxes Problem2017-12-03 14:02:46
Find two non-repeating numbers in an array in O(n) time and O(1) space2017-10-29 09:24:47
Number of bit to be flipped to convert one number to another.Brooks Brothers houndstooth suit coat blazer 432017-09-14 20:51:42
Separate even and odd integers in a given arrayBrooks Brothers Gingham Checked Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt2017-09-12 22:20:38
Find three elements in an array that sum to a zero.Chaser Teal Blue Green Waffle Knit Long Sleeve Thermal Top2017-09-11 22:10:00
All elements appears thrice and one element appears once. Find that element in O(n) time and O(1) space2017-09-07 19:56:04
Separate 0’s and 1’s in a given arrayChampion Sports bra2017-09-05 22:14:03
Find local minimum or local maximum in O(1).Burberry2017-09-04 14:27:54
Find three elements in an array that sum to a given valueBurberry London Merino Wool Long Sleeve v neck2017-09-03 22:09:56
Majority Element- Boyer–Moore majority vote algorithmCasual Corner Suit Jacket2017-09-01 19:31:15
Majority Element – Part 1Charlotte Olympia Capri Cat flat2017-09-01 19:23:38
Find the local minima in a given arrayChristian Lacroix White Handbag2017-09-01 19:15:53
Check whether the given number is a perfect squarePacSun Green Skinny Jeans2017-08-26 23:15:50
Check if array is sorted using recursionBURBERRY GRAFFITI TOP2017-08-26 23:07:00
Find the Index from which 0 startsCJLA, Carly Jean Los Angeles - Sweater, Speckled Dark Grey2017-08-26 23:01:16
Find the increasing OR decreasing point in an arrayChetta B work Dress size 62017-08-26 22:51:47
Find the only element in array which appears only onceCabelas Long Sleeve Work Shirt2017-08-26 22:43:36
Algorithm to calculate power(k,n).Two Pair Calvin Klein Shorts size 162017-08-26 22:35:13
Find remainder without using modulo operatorNWT celebrity pink black denim mom shorts2017-08-26 22:27:31
Swap two numbers without using extra variableBrooks Brothers 1818 Regent Long Sleeve Shirt2017-08-26 22:21:01
Number of 1’s in bit representation of a numberSkinny pants2017-08-26 17:23:17
Stock Single Sell Problem – O(n) Solution2017-08-26 17:12:14
Maximum Subarray OR Largest Sum Contiguous Subarray Problem – Divide and Conquer2017-08-26 16:59:09
Maximum difference between two elements where larger element appears after the smaller elementNavy & White striped top small2017-07-30 16:24:30
Find the right most unset bit OR zero bit of a numberNWT. Calvin Klein men loafers2017-07-30 16:16:12
Find the two repeating elements in a given array | 6 ApproachesBrooklyn Industries crossbody bag tan2017-07-24 19:07:06
Find the right most set bit of a numberCAbi Flared Jeans Size 122017-07-23 14:39:04
Find two elements whose sum is closest to zeroChaps Button up shirt men2017-07-09 18:50:31
Find the element which appears maximum number of times in the array.Women's Authentic French Terry Pullover c9 Champion Mauve Purple2017-06-26 20:06:29
Find duplicates in an given array in O(n) time and O(1) extra space.Cat & Jack White Denim Jean Short Short Medium 7/82017-06-18 12:08:44
Find the last non repeating character in a given string.Brooks Brothers Stretch Cotton Pants2017-06-11 19:21:28
Find the last repeating character in a given string.My islanders hockey sweatshirt hoodie L 14/162017-05-29 20:34:49
Find the first non repeating character in a given stringXL hoodie Champion2017-05-27 15:08:59
Find the first repeating character in a given stringBuffalo David button T-shirt2017-03-08 00:09:32
k-Nearest Neighbors2016-12-30 00:01:34
Find longest Snake sequence in a given matrixChaser Def Leppard Vintage Inspired Band Tee Shirt2016-08-08 00:24:22
Dynamic Programming – Count all paths in 2D Matrix with Obstructions in itY2K Champion embroidered rose plain T-shirt2016-06-20 19:37:31
Dynamic Programming – Count all paths from top left to bottom right of a mXn matrixCabi Denim Romper2016-06-19 10:29:43
Reverse the given Array without using built in functionBody Central Batwing Arm Sheer Blouse EUC L2016-06-19 10:17:23
Print All Diagonals of a given matrixChaps Southwestern Thermal Henley2016-06-17 22:55:55
Dynamic Programming – Edit Distance Problem2016-05-14 20:11:10
BYRON LARS Gray Dress2016-05-08 18:08:55
Dynamic Programming – Box Stacking Problem2016-04-17 17:23:51
Dynamic Programming – Split the String into Minimum number of Palindromes.2016-04-10 12:20:39
Dynamic Programming – Highway Billboard Problem2016-04-05 14:20:47
Dynamic Programming – Maximum Subarray ProblemCanari Cyclewear Black Gel Padded Cycling Shorts L2016-04-03 19:00:09
Kadane’s Algorithm – Maximum Subarray ProblemCelebrity Pink Jean Shorts2016-03-31 01:18:59
Convert Binary Tree into Threaded Binary Tree2016-03-24 18:55:05
Double Threaded Binary Tree Complete Implementation2016-03-21 20:53:09
Single Threaded Binary Tree Complete Implementation2016-03-19 16:56:28
Introduction to Threaded Binary TreeCHAPS|Pink&White|Striped|CappedSleeve|T-shirt|Sz.XL|NWT2016-03-19 16:33:38
Implement Stack Using Linked ListCalvin Klein Jean Capris2016-03-19 13:18:13
Doubly Linked List Complete ImplementationNWT Chaps Top2016-03-18 20:34:04
Circular Linked List Complete Implementationblack slip dress2016-03-15 23:18:33
Swap Nodes in pairs in a Linked List by changing linksNWT Crop Top2016-03-13 20:09:38
Convert BST to Greater Sum TreeVintage 90 striped halter tank top2016-02-27 20:45:26
Shortest Range in K-sorted Lists2016-02-19 22:54:24
Reverse Alternative ‘k’ nodes in a Linked List.Champion Villanova Wildcats Christmas Crewneck Sweater2016-02-18 19:25:06
Reverse a Linked List in groups of given size ‘K’Black and White Platform Heel2016-01-03 20:47:34
Generate Maximum revenue by selling K tickets from N windows3/ Carter's Boy Shorts Size 24 months2016-01-03 20:22:26
Get the Sum of all left leaves in a Binary treeCalvin Klein Cool Tech Blue White Plaid LS Medium2015-12-06 11:44:36
Celebrity pink jeansCELINE WHITESOFT LEATHER CONE HEEL V NECK PUMPS2015-12-06 11:32:11
Binary Tree-Postorder Traversal – Non Recursive ApproachCarter Jacket Size M (5-6)2015-12-05 14:57:45
Binary Tree – Preorder Traversal – Non Recursive ApproachChildren Place black decorated boot2015-12-05 12:33:53
Binary Tree-Inorder Traversal – Non Recursive ApproachC.C Sweater Headband2015-12-04 23:59:57
Delete the Binary TreeSexy ankle boots2015-12-04 23:25:34
Search the Element in a binary tree – With and Without Recursion[Calvin Klein Jeans] Crewneck Hi-Low Sweater2015-12-04 23:10:45
Tree TraversalsNWT Champion jogger pants2015-11-08 13:01:11
Find the Size of a Binary Tree without RecursionCanada goose Allistion packable down jacket.2015-11-08 12:33:19
Dynamic Programming — Longest Palindromic Subsequence2015-08-04 22:15:53
Dynamic Programming – Maximum Product Cutting Problem.NEW Champion Blue Vintage Style Sporty Spring Wind Breaker Jacke2015-07-11 10:16:50
Dynamic Programming – Minimum Numbers are Required Whose Square Sum is Equal To a Given Number2015-07-03 21:35:20
Dynamic Programming – Longest Common SubstringCharles River Women New Englander Rain Jacket2015-06-29 21:29:51
Dynamic Programming – Longest Common SubsequenceCACHE c CACHE DISTRESSED JEANS2015-06-28 11:43:44
Dynamic Programming – Rod Cutting ProblemCAbi 823 Life Jacket Striped Nautical blazer2015-06-27 17:59:36
Dynamic Programming – Coin Change ProblemBrooks Brothers Green Gray Striped Collar Shirt2015-06-27 15:06:04
Dynamic Programming – Minimum Cost Path ProblemChildren's Place School Shoes2015-06-14 17:51:12
All N Length Strings from Given String of Length KAnimal print blazer2015-06-10 21:40:01
Generate Well Ordered Passwords of a Given Length KFaux Hawk Peace Sign Hat2015-06-10 21:34:53
Print All N Length Strings from Given Number K2015-06-10 21:19:49
Print All Possible Subsets with Sum equal to a given Number2015-06-08 20:56:00
Dynamic Programming – Maximum size square sub-matrix with all 1sJacket Caribbean Queen.2015-05-10 13:47:45
Dynamic Programming – Subset Sum Problem2015-05-10 13:34:32
The Word Break Problem2015-05-10 13:15:51
Dynamic Programming – Longest Increasing SubsequenceCharter Club Black Jeans Size 102015-05-10 02:14:14
Backtracking – Knight’s Tour Problem2015-05-10 01:28:37
Backtracking – Search a Word In a Matrix2015-05-10 01:09:13
Backtracking – N Queens Problem – Better Solution2015-05-10 00:55:54
Backtracking – N Queens Problem2015-05-10 00:43:48
Find the Kth Smallest/Largest Element in an ArrayChristian Louboutin Espasneak2015-05-10 00:31:22
Priority Queue in Data Structurewindbreaker2015-05-10 00:21:29
Cato Cute Dress Size SmallGorgeous set of 6 Charter Club Casuals summer grove decorative f2015-05-09 23:52:38
Breadth-First Search/Traversal in a Graph.2015-05-09 23:44:09
Breadth-First Search/Traversal in a Binary TreePuffer vest2015-05-09 23:16:32
Sort Names by their Last Names.Carol Rose Knit Sweater2015-05-08 18:45:42
Backtracking – Rat In A Maze Puzzle2015-04-13 15:03:35
Backtracking – SUDOKU Solver2015-03-16 20:24:30
Introduction To Backtracking ProgrammingWomen's XL Aqua Lightweight Sweater NWT2015-03-16 20:13:31
Dynamic Programming – Stairs Climbing Puzzle3/25$ Calvin Klein Jeans Basic Top2015-03-16 20:04:44
Dynamic Programming – Minimum Coin Change ProblemCandies Floral maxidress LOW PRICE2015-03-16 19:57:27
Introduction To Dynamic Programming – Fibonacci SeriesSummer bright green shirt2015-03-16 19:44:12
Merge K Sorted Arrays2015-03-14 15:33:24
Find the Deepest Left Node in a Binary Tree.Buffalo jeans2015-03-14 15:24:00
Find a Number occurring odd number of times in a Given arrayCalvin Klein Men's Blue Striped Dress Shirt2015-03-14 15:11:50
Rearrange the Array of Given Range N, such that A[i]=iBROOKS BROTHERS Size 6 Wool Career Pencil Skirt2015-03-14 15:06:50
Find a Missing Number From a Sequence of Consecutive Numbers | XOR Method7" Charter Club Kitty Cat With Santa Hat And Plaid Bow2015-03-14 14:44:19
Find the Max element in a Given Binary TreeBy & By Dress, Racerback, sz M2015-03-14 14:40:48
Populate Next Siblings Pointers in a Given Binary Tree OR Populate Next Right Pointers in Each Node2015-03-14 14:36:20
Check If One Binary is Mirror Tree of another Binary Tree.Women black Skinny Pants2015-03-14 14:21:10
Print All Paths From Root In a Binary Tree Whose Sum is Equal to a Given NumberC&C California organic maroon crew long sleeve tee2015-03-14 14:14:08
Diameter Of a Binary Tree2015-03-14 14:08:57
Reverse Level Order TraversalChico's Zenergy white gray marled top tiger print Size XL2015-03-14 03:02:16
Find the Deepest Node in a Binary Tree.Brand new w tags CHANEL jeans2015-03-14 02:15:48
Find the Height of a tree without RecursionChico Slouchy Turtleneck Sweater Tan Brown2015-03-14 02:11:36
Print All The Full Nodes in a Binary TreeCat and Jack Fringe Layered Sweater Poncho Sz 4/52015-03-14 02:02:33
Binary Min-Max Heap Implementation2015-02-22 17:21:28
Magic Index – Find Index In Sorted Array Such That A[i] = i.Burberry Shirt Top Nova Check Ruffle XL2015-02-22 17:06:00
Find numbers which are palindrome in both their decimal and octal RepresentationsDress2015-02-22 16:02:07
Find All the Well Ordered Permutations of a Given String.Men's Dress shirt- Charles Tyrwhitt2015-02-22 14:35:09
Find Increasing Triplet Sub-sequenceNew2015-02-22 14:19:19
Construct a Special Triangle from a Given ArrayCalvin Klein Jeans Boys size 5 slim-straight leg2015-02-22 14:10:01
Colorful Numbers2015-02-22 00:14:01
Print All the Subsets of a Given Set (Power Set)2015-02-21 23:59:01
Goldbach’s ConjectureCeCe - white/pink flowers blouse size M2015-02-21 23:50:23
Convert Decimal into Irreducible FractionBURBERRY BEIGE LARKHALL- SIZE 432015-02-21 00:21:16
Clock Angle ProblemPleather leggings2015-02-20 19:28:47
Print All Combinations of subset of size K from Given Array2015-02-20 19:07:29
Track the Maximum Element in a Stack.Vintage 2000 Dale Earnhardt Jr Shirt2015-02-16 16:24:07
Print All Possible Valid Combinations Of Parenthesis of Given ‘N’2015-02-05 14:14:38
Graph Representation – Adjacency Matrix and Adjacency ListVintage Calvin Klein baiting suit2015-02-02 17:38:37
Counting SortCHICOS PLATINUM jeans polka dot mid rise slim skinny ankle light2015-02-02 16:21:13
Towers Of HanoiCHARTER CLUB TOP2015-02-02 16:15:09
Generate All Strings of n bits.Candies Swim 2 Pcs Bikini Set Padded Fringe Coral2015-02-01 15:57:18
Find The Missing Duplicate in a Given Array.42G Cacique Lightly lined bra2015-02-01 15:40:25
Sort 3 Integers without using if condition OR use only Max() function.Chaps shoulder purse2015-02-01 15:30:49
Euclidean algorithm – Greatest Common Divisor(GCD)Vintage Catalina swimsuit.2015-01-31 23:46:08
Implement Queue Using StacksBeautiful Women Chico zoo slimming Girl friend Crop Size2015-01-31 23:38:08
Alternate Splitting of a given Linked ListCarmar Maroon Burgundy High Rise Skinny Jeans2015-01-31 23:03:46
Reverse The Doubly Linked ListCalvin Klein Black White Tweed Bar Button Mid Sleeve Cropped Coa2015-01-31 21:48:00
Swap Kth Node from the front with the Kth Node from the EndCalvin Klein Velvet Black Bikini Panty Underwear2015-01-31 21:25:09
Print the Bottom View of the Binary Tree.Small Womens Asymmetrical , Halter, Black/White Polka Dot dress.2015-01-30 03:38:05
Delete X Nodes After Y Nodes In a Linked ListCabi Brushstroke Sleeveless Dress2015-01-29 13:11:27
Merge Sort in a Linked listBurberry - women 100% wool dress pants.2015-01-29 12:55:27
Merge a Linked list into another Linked List at Alternate Positions.Set of 3 little girl pajamas2015-01-05 20:22:52
AVL Tree – Insertion2014-12-30 23:10:35
Construct a binary tree from given Inorder and Level Order Traversal2014-12-30 21:46:58
Construct Binary Search Tree from a given Preorder Traversal Using Stack (Without Recursion)2014-12-30 05:55:03
Construct Binary Search Tree from a given Preorder Traversal using Recursion2014-12-30 05:45:40
Print The Top View of a Binary TreeCeline Tunic Top2014-12-30 05:29:07
Construct a Binary Tree from Given Inorder and Depth-First-Search.2014-12-30 05:16:11
Depth First Search/Traversal in Binary TreeSamsung Galaxy S6 Tough Case Mate Cases2014-12-30 05:03:06
Inorder Predecessor and Successor in Binary Search Tree2014-12-29 22:08:55
Check if Array Contains All Elements Of Some Given RangeCeline platform suede heels2014-12-29 20:44:38
Check if Array is Consecutive IntegersCharlotte Russe Lace Detail Romper2014-12-29 20:37:11
Find the subarray with sum to a Given Value.Calvin Klein tan colored sweater2014-12-29 20:28:35
In an Array, find the Smallest Subarray with Sum Greater than the Given ValueChaps Flowered Polo Amalfi Red Men Size XXL2014-12-29 20:18:37
Rearrange Positive and Negative Elements at Alternate Positions in an Array In O(1) Extra Space2014-12-28 06:21:34
Find intersection between Two Sorted Arrays.NWT Champion Sport Tie Back Tank Top2014-12-28 06:09:47
Find Kth Smallest or Largest element in an Array.Fringe drop earrings2014-12-28 06:02:44
Given an array arrA[], find the maximum j – i such that arr[j] > arr[i].Butter London nail polish gift set2014-12-28 05:53:26
Find All Elements in an Array which appears more than N/K times, N is Array Size and k is a Number.2014-12-28 03:15:17
Search an Element in a Rotated Sorted Arraywarm winter sweater2014-12-28 02:53:10
Print All The Nodes Which are X distance from the Given Node2014-12-08 23:37:27
Print All The Nodes Which are X distance from the Leaf NodesCelebrity Pink Khaki color jeans2014-12-08 23:24:13
Print All The Nodes Which are X distance from the RootCalvin Klein shorts2014-12-08 23:16:50
Find the Distance between Two Nodes of a Binary Tree.2014-12-08 23:05:02
Find The Distance From Root To Given Node of a Binary Tree.Calvin Klein Jeans Skinny Ankle Khakis2014-12-08 22:55:07
Construct a binary tree from given Inorder and Postorder Traversal2014-12-08 22:44:15
Print the Vertical Sum in binary Tree .C&C California Pink Fuzzy Vest Zipper Size 52014-12-08 22:19:30
Print the Binary Tree in Vertical Order Path.Casadei Pumps Size 72014-12-08 22:11:03
Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree (Not Binary Search Tree).2014-11-18 08:52:45
Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Search Tree.NWT Poetic Justice Tupac Sweat Pants Women's Size 3XL CHEMISTRY2014-11-18 08:28:54
Make a Binary Tree from Given Inorder and Preorder Traveral.2014-11-18 08:06:33
Given a binary tree, find out the maximum sum of value from root to each leaf.BROOKS BROTHERS pink 97% cotton long sleeve button up ladies shi2014-11-18 07:50:13
Reverse Alternate levels of a given Binary Tree.Cache Women Silver Rings Metal Belt - NWT2014-11-18 07:28:37
Given a Sorted Singly Linked List Array, Convert it into a Balanced Binary search Tree.Pink Floral Midi Dress with Flow-y Sleeve Sz Small2014-11-18 07:03:24
Given a binary tree, Convert it into its Mirror TreeCamila women trumpet ruffled mini skirt2014-11-18 03:46:41
Carmen Marc Valvo Sleeveless DressBunnies by the Bay Split Blanket Plush Lovey2014-11-18 02:46:53
Convert a Sorted Doubly Linked List to Balanced BST.Calvin Klein Bikini2014-11-18 02:30:44
Given a binary tree, Find the Maximum Path Sum between Any Two LeavesMini skirt2014-11-18 01:00:34
Print Left View of a given binary treeHoodie2014-11-18 00:46:23
Print Right View of a given binary treeCharter Club Faux Fur Plush Bootie Slippers NWT2014-11-17 23:33:25
In a Binary Tree, Check if Two nodes has the same parent or are siblingsCat and Jack T-Shirt2014-11-17 23:12:16
In a Binary Tree, Check if two nodes are CousinsBrooks Brothers no iron blouse with French cuffs2014-11-17 22:46:45
Check if Two BST’s are IdenticalBuffalo Jeans2014-11-17 21:45:02
Print Paths from root to all leaf nodes in a binary tree.Pretty Flower Top Calvin Klein2014-11-17 21:14:09
Print All The Permutations Of a String2014-11-14 22:06:29
Sort an Given Array in the order defined by another arrayChristian Louboutin Red Patent Leather Bianca Pumps Red Bottoms2014-11-14 21:02:52
Sort an Array – odd numbers appear first in ascending order followed by the even numbers in descending order.Bruno Magli Open Toe Wedge Sandals size 8.52014-11-11 08:08:33
Print All Nodes Between Two Given LevelsCHARTER CLUB Halter Dress2014-11-11 07:54:34
Find the maximum width of a binary treeNew pink Catherine Malandrino shirt in size Medium2014-11-11 05:23:43
Find the number of occurrences of a number in a given sorted array.Burberry X Vivienne Westwood Lace-up Platforms2014-11-11 03:14:09
Find all common numbers in given three sorted arrays.BUFFALO by David Bitton Crochet Sweater Top S Mint2014-11-11 03:05:11
Level Order Traversal in Zig Zag pattern OR Print in Spiral Pattern2014-11-10 20:04:05
Find the first repeated element in an array by its indexCatherine red & black lightweight top in size 1X2014-11-10 18:58:58
Minimum number that cannot be formed by any subset of an arrayCream sweater dress2014-11-10 18:21:30
Determine whether given binary tree is binary search tree(BST) or notCamouflage Shark Bomber Jacket Size 2T2014-09-27 20:58:54
Find the Size of the Binary TreeCalibrate2014-09-27 19:12:28
Given two binary trees, check if one binary tree is a subtree of anotherBurberry Prorsum Tweed Skirt2014-09-27 18:18:22
Print a path from Root to Node in Binary TreeChaco Oydssey Sandal2014-09-27 18:04:50
Inorder Successor in Binary Search Tree without Using Parent link2014-09-27 16:46:09
Inorder Successor in Binary Search Tree Using Parent link2014-09-27 16:46:01
Inorder Successor in Binary TreeMens Chaps straight fit blue jeans 38x30 look new2014-09-27 16:45:50
Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree of Minimal HeightCalvin Klein sweater. M. Gender neutral2014-09-27 15:51:19
In a Binary Tree, Create Linked Lists of all the nodes at each depth.2014-09-22 21:38:14
Level Order Traversal, Print each level in separate line.Celebrity Pink The Deb Denim Curvy Hi-Rise Cuffed Shorts2014-09-21 08:03:34
Find whether if a Given Binary Tree is Balanced?CBR short dress NEW w/ TAGS2014-09-21 01:16:54
Get the Height of a Node in a Binary Tree*Calypso St Barth striped jazmin shirttail long sleeve shirt2014-09-20 17:05:05
Find the Maximum Depth OR Height of a Binary TreeVintage ultralight Chic high waist mom shorts2014-09-19 15:53:16
Add two numbers represented by a linked list, Numbers are Stored in FORWARD orderChico tunic length beige sweater vest with pink, copper and brow2014-09-16 22:59:40
Add two numbers represented by a linked list, Numbers are Stored in REVERSE orderCatherine Maladrino Sunglasses2014-09-16 22:28:49
Reverse the binary representation of a number.Ladies Chris & carol top medium2014-09-16 20:32:30
Binary Search Tree (BST) Complete Implementation.Caribbean linen shirt2014-09-16 00:38:04
Reverse a Linked List – Part 2Brown leather wedges2014-09-14 03:13:55
Swap Every Kth Node in a LinkedListUnisex Camper Leather Sandals Brown Adjustable Strap Men 8 WMN 12014-09-14 03:02:40
Delete a Node in the Middle of a linked list, Given only access to that NodeBundle of brown and gold jewelry.2014-09-12 17:16:37
Find the n’th Node from the end of a given Linked ListNEW Cable & Gauge top2014-09-12 06:40:00
Remove Duplicates from an Unsorted Linked listC&C California Shamrock V-Neck T-Shirt White Green Small2014-09-11 17:06:30
Check if one string is Rotation of another stringCandie Soft Fabric Black Blazer, Size XL2014-09-09 23:29:04
String Compression using count of repeated characters – Run Length EncodingCALVIN KLEIN PATENLEATHER LOAFER 7.5 M*FREESHIP2014-09-09 02:49:24
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