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Difficulty Levels

Beginner Intermediate Expert


1 Graph 2 Dynamic programming
3 Strings 4 2018 CARE BEARS LOVE A LOT Bear 14 Pink Plush With Hearts On Tum
5 Arrays 6 Linked List
7 Backtracking 8 Divide and Conquer
9 Numbers 10 Priority Queue
11 Recursion 12 Search
13 Pair 14 Deque
15 Sorting Techniques 16 Bit Manipulation Problems

Top Companies Interview Questions

1 Google 2 Microsoft
3 Amazon 4 Facebook
5 Adobe 6 Apache
7 Bloomberg 8 Epic Systems
9 Flipkart 10 Goldman Sachs
11 Groupon 12 LinkedIn
13 NetApp 14 NVIDIA
15 Oracle 16 Qualcomm
17 Twitter 18 Yahoo

All Problems

Find an extra element in two almost similar arrays2022-01-15 22:12:34
find the Arithmetic Progression sequenceCharter Club Intimates L2022-01-09 22:50:36
Find the Nth-term in a given arithmetic progressionCatherine Malandrino Womens 3/4 Sleeves Tunic Top2021-04-18 22:31:27
Find The Minimum time differenceCalvin Klein Jeans faux suede dress 90s-00s style2021-04-11 23:01:01
Departure and Destination Cities in a given itineraryCALIA by Carrie Underwood Journey Bomber Sweater Black L XL2021-01-28 22:26:08
Given an array, rank its elementsCAbi Siesta Poncho XS Cardigan Sweater Fringe Style 5001 Striped2021-01-24 22:23:41
Find Three Consecutive Odd Numbers in an arrayLast pair Women's Tummy control Cappuccino leggings2021-01-21 23:19:59
Convert to Non-decreasing Array with one changeCarlos by Carlos Santana Henley Black Faux Suede Notch Booties S2021-01-20 22:39:26
In an array, Duplicate the zeroes without expanding itCato Flip Flops2021-01-14 22:52:31
Maximum Depth of Valid Nested Parentheses in an arithmetic expressionChunky Tuquoise Beaded Necklace2021-01-10 21:13:07
Convert a Decimal number to its representationCAbi Womens Top #152 Medium Tree Dolman shirt2021-01-08 00:50:53
Maximum Consecutive Ones in a given arrayCatherine Malandrino Sz 8 Jean Sneaker Tennis Shoe2021-01-07 01:40:52
Duplicate even elements in an arrayCat & Jack American Flag Swim Trunks Youth Sz XL2021-01-01 21:18:33
Minimum Increments to make all array elements uniqueCalvin Klein Baby Girl Vest2020-12-23 23:24:49
In a number, add digits until it becomes a single digitChaco Sandals2020-12-20 13:13:35
Maximum Surpasser in the given array2020-12-18 00:53:54
Find the number of pairs with odd XORBurberry Pants2020-12-17 00:34:36
Maximum CPU Load Problem in a jobs list2 Brooks Brothers dress shirts size 182020-12-14 00:51:05
Add digits until the number becomes a single digitChelsea and violet ruffled baby sweater2020-12-12 22:08:04
Check If Student is eligible for an Attendance RewardCaparro Silver and Sequin Formal heels size 8.5.2020-12-12 00:16:39
Maximum overlaps in a given list of time intervalsCall It Spring stangarone light blue denim heels NWB2020-12-11 00:58:18
Remove Duplicates in a given Sorted ArrayCarmen Marc Valvo Black Eyelet Lace Two Tone Dress2020-12-09 23:27:09
Random character in a given string – JavaCheeky Plum chambray shorts2020-12-06 22:31:39
Replace Elements with Greatest Element on RightChaco Kid's Z/2 Classic Sandals2020-12-05 21:56:11
Count number of pairs in an array with sum = KNWOT Charles Tyrwhitt Dress Shirt2020-12-04 22:46:48
Count similar words in a given arrayNWOT THREE Boys pajamas, Size 10/122020-12-04 00:14:48
Maximum distance from the nearest person.Charming Charlie Brown Heeled Booties 92020-12-03 00:38:26
Sort 0, 1, 2 in an array – Part 2Punk and Green Maxi2020-11-29 16:05:30
Sort 0, 1, 2 in an array – Part 1Black & white patterned buttoned dress2020-11-29 00:50:00
Override the compare function for Collections.sort methodCanyon River Blues Cork Wedge 9 Khaki Criss Cross2020-11-28 00:58:49
Sum of all the overlapping elementsCat & Jack boys 3T pajamas2020-11-26 21:32:51
Design a data structure for Candidate Voting ProblemCasetify iPhone 11 phone case2020-11-25 22:20:52
Find the Number of Contiguous Parking AreasChampion Rally KT2020-11-22 21:02:38
Get specific row K in a Pascal TriangleBullhead Gray Wash Distressed Mid rise Jean Shorts2020-11-12 00:56:24
Design data structure for players and ranksCarbon38 gym bag2020-11-05 21:03:34
Maximum Bipartite Matching Problem – Java2020-10-31 14:00:11
Override the compare function for Arrays.sort method – JavaBurnside swim trunks2020-10-30 21:38:40
What is a Pascal Triangle?Calvin Klein Sneakers2020-10-29 23:41:59
Minimum Deletions to make the occurrence of each character unique.2020-10-28 22:00:30
Calculate tax on income as per given tax brackets.Champion French Terry Sweatshirt Women's Sz M NWT2020-10-27 21:39:53
Valid Pickup and Delivery options2020-10-15 21:29:48
Print Top 10 videos from ListChelsea Theodorr2020-10-08 23:22:08
Compare two version numbers of a softwarered carbon long sleeve2020-09-20 21:15:12
The largest number can be formed from the given numberChloe Shades2020-09-19 00:09:34
Minimum number of adjacent swaps to sort the given array2020-09-16 22:34:03
Minimum number of times String A is repeated to such that B is substring of AChloe Lauren scalloped ballet flats2020-09-13 22:50:24
Print all nested directories and files in a given directory – RecursionNWT. Canyon River Blues girl skort2020-09-11 21:10:50
Check if the given playlist of programs is validChanel2020-09-11 00:33:49
Maximum meetings in one roomKids Costumes2020-09-10 00:18:10
Find the number of pairs with even XORBody Central Utility Jacket2020-09-06 14:15:44
Unresolved references error – Django in PyCharm and IntelliJBurts bee baby organic pink stripe pants2020-09-06 00:10:55
Given an array, Find the number of all pairs with even sumCandies pink mini dress2020-09-01 20:46:25
The number of cycles in a given array of integers.2020-08-24 22:11:42
Check if given sudoku is valid or notCATO Top2020-08-21 22:22:08
Find Election WinnerLadies sweater2020-08-19 23:24:44
Sort the indexes of the array as per the elements of the arrayNWT Christopher & Banks crop pants2020-08-06 23:00:02
Construct the Largest number from the given digitsCalvin Klein shorts2020-08-06 00:05:51
Great shape. No stains. Never been washed. Only worn once for faChloe Denim Frayed Brown Suede Ankle Strap Espadrille Platform W2020-08-04 19:03:14
Find Lexicographically smallest or largest substring of size kBrooks Brothers Red Fleece Shirt Mens XL Soft Red Blue White Pla2020-08-02 21:34:26
Largest word in dictionary by removing a few characters from the given stringChance or Fate Stripped Sienna Sweater/Shirt | Size L2020-08-01 23:19:34
Calculate (x^y)%z without using pow() functionCandies black white print pants2020-07-01 23:36:34
Check if one string is a subsequence of another string.Calvin Klein Jeans Bootcut Stretchy Embellished2020-06-17 23:39:48
Most frequent wordLipstick Bundle2020-06-07 23:51:44
Efficient Robot Problem – Find Minimum Trips2020-06-05 22:40:40
Job Sequencing algorithm – JavaHigh heel sandals2020-06-03 22:35:58
Find subarray with a sum to given number-2 | Handle negative numbersOlive green NEW jacket2020-06-01 23:39:40
Sort the two dimensional (2D) array – In-placeCherish Green Bralette2020-05-22 21:02:25
Implement/Design the version control map systemsunglasses2020-05-19 23:03:58
Given an array, count the number of pairs with a given sum.Cardigan Flowy Blouse2020-05-17 21:10:53
Sort Map as per values – Java ProgramBurberry clutch wristlet2020-05-07 22:59:13
Two Sum ProblemNWT Men Buffalo David Bitton shirt2020-05-05 23:23:57
Find if any two intervals overlap in given intervalsBoys Chaps Blazer2020-04-16 23:43:47
Given an array, find the number of all pairs with odd sum.Cache Animal Print Sequin Collared Snap Top2020-04-14 23:37:28
Given an array, find all unique subsets with a given sum with allowed repeated digits.Calvin Klein Jeans 3/6 months dress2020-04-13 00:06:20
Print all steps to convert one string to another stringChelsea & violet floral top!2020-04-09 00:35:33
Lexicographically next permutation With One swapCabelas For Women Convertible Pants / Shorts Army Green Outdoor2020-04-06 22:57:48
Find all subsets of size K from a given number N (1 to N)Christian Louboutin 38 Corsetica 1002020-04-04 22:54:52
Sum of distinct elements among two given setsCharles Tyrwhitt silk tie Made in England2020-04-02 22:39:14
Find all possible combinations with sum K from a given number N(1 to N) with the repetition of numbers is allowedBryn Walker Woman's Tank Shirt Sz Medium Very Fine2020-03-22 22:55:27
Stable Marriage Problem – Gale–Shapley Algorithm – Java2020-03-14 23:08:29
Insert a node in the given sorted linked list.Chelsea & Zoe Stiletto Booties Black Open Toe2020-02-17 22:30:38
Construct the largest number from the given array.Youth Champion Sweat jacket Full Zip XS2020-02-14 00:01:41
Given an array, find three-element sum closest to ZeroCharter Club 2 Piece Pajama Set Size XXL NWT2020-02-04 23:11:00
Print sorted unique elements of a given arrayChantecaille Just Skin Tint- Bliss2020-01-30 21:45:49
Given an array, print all unique subsets with a given sum.Flowery butterfly dress2020-01-26 22:16:21
Sum of length of subsets which contains given value K and all elements in subsets are less than equal to K.NWT Calvin Klein Performance High Rise Crop Pants2020-01-20 21:59:47
Replace array elements with maximum element on the right.Calvin Klein Daytonna Studded Leather Bag, Black2020-01-18 20:26:28
Find all unique combinations of numbers (from 1 to 9 ) with sum to NSize Small Charlotte Russe Dress2020-01-12 22:17:38
Number of Intervals in which given value liesCalvin Kline Low Rise Skinny Jeans2020-01-10 23:19:08
Activity Selection ProblemGirls Burton Sweatshirt2020-01-06 21:38:14
Find the sum of overlapping elements in two setsRose Gold Rhinestone Embellished Flat Sandals2020-01-04 21:16:53
Given two coordinates, Print the line equationBussola boots2020-01-02 21:56:43
Check if Graph is Bipartite – Adjacency List using Breadth-First Search(BFS)2019-12-30 22:29:10
Articulation Points OR Cut Vertices in a Graph2019-12-28 13:07:06
Print all middle elements of the given matrix/2D array.CAbi Black New Crop Straight Leg Jeans Size 102019-12-26 21:19:54
Check If Given Undirected Graph is a treeChampion Monochrome Gray Spell Out Long Sleeve Cropped Crew Neck2019-12-24 21:53:37
Find the number of distinct Islands OR connected components.2019-12-22 20:58:19
Check the completeness of given binary tree | Set 2 – Using Level Order TraversalPlus Size Cacique Nude Strapless Bra Size 40DDD2019-12-20 12:50:19
Depth-First Search (DFS) in 2D Matrix/2D-Array – Recursive SolutionC/Meo Collective Fixation Floral Jacquard Striped Bomber Jacket2019-12-18 21:00:32
Numbers with prime set bits in a given range using Sieve of Eratosthenes AlgorithmBronze dress with jeweled neck line2019-12-16 22:10:46
Print All Paths in Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm2019-12-14 15:47:26
Hamming Distance between two given integersC.C Beanie green ombr2019-12-12 21:32:06
Breadth-First Search (BFS) in 2D Matrix/2D-ArrayAnkle boot2019-12-10 20:43:34
Check the completeness of given binary tree | Set 1 – Using Node CountCarolyn Taylor short cape.2019-12-08 12:36:18
Number of Islands using BFSCrop sweatshirt2019-12-06 20:25:30
Find all the Armstrong numbers in the given rangeChico tie dye top Size 12019-12-04 21:48:33
Check if the given binary tree is Full or not.ray Callaway Golf Shorts2019-12-02 14:56:32
Check if given undirected graph is connected or notSummertime white dress2019-11-30 14:44:26
Check if Graph is Bipartite – Adjacency List using Depth-First Search(DFS)2019-11-28 15:07:24
Print boundary of given matrix/2D array.NWT BURTONS MENS snowboard ski pants2019-11-26 21:11:14
Depth-First Search (DFS) in 2D Matrix/2D-Array – Iterative SolutionNWOT CALIA Half Zip Warm Up2019-11-24 20:52:46
Longest substring with at most K unique charactersJ8358 Brianna printed patent2019-11-22 21:22:47
Collatz Conjecture – Maximum Steps takes to transform (1, N) to 1.3/ NWT bodysuit2019-11-20 21:17:01
Given Graph – Remove a vertex and all edges connect to the vertexCalvin Klein Gold Belts Size:M.2019-11-18 14:37:51
Print Stack in reverse order.CAbi Snake Print on Leather Sandals.2019-11-16 21:36:18
Sort a given stack – Using Recursion2019-11-14 21:10:27
Given an array, Print sum of all subsetsCatherine MalandrinoTop2019-11-12 20:59:23
Determine the given routing number belong to which bankMaxi floral Size 10 dress Side Zipper Cutout back2019-11-10 15:41:50
Check if interval is covered in given coordinatesHeather Grey Knit Sleeveless Vest Cardigan2019-11-08 20:48:40
Lexicographically previous permutation With One swapGirls jeans2019-11-06 23:01:11
Find all unique combinations of exact K numbers (from 1 to 9 ) with sum to NLace Tanktop2019-11-04 21:27:11
Number’s Complement – 2 ApproachesSinging Plush Birthday Bear with Light up Happy Birthday LED Cup2019-11-02 20:56:52
Print all subsets of an array with a sum equal to zeroCATO LACE DETAIL WHITE PLUS SIZE BLOUSE2019-10-30 23:31:12
Social Network Problem2019-10-28 22:48:55
Maximum number edges to make Acyclic Undirected/Directed GraphCamille La Vie Red Homecoming Pageant Dress2019-10-27 00:33:10
Evaluation of Prefix Expressions (Polish Notation) | Set 2Champion blue and white skort size small2019-10-24 22:03:52
Hamming Distance between two given stringsSALE2/ Carters Footie pj2019-10-22 15:30:12
Breadth-First Search in Disconnected GraphStructured White Crop Top2019-10-20 22:02:37
ZigZag OR Diagonal traversal in 2d array/Matrix using queueMen Sleep shorts2019-10-18 22:43:43
Check if Number is divisible by its digitsGold metallic heels2019-10-16 19:51:17
Check if the given number is Armstrong number or notLeather purse2019-10-14 23:17:43
Evaluation of Prefix Expressions (Polish Notation) | Set 1CeCe Dress2019-10-12 16:46:38
Minimum Boats Required to rescue peopleCalvin Klein Jeans- Distressed Flare2019-10-10 21:36:39
Number of IslandsVarious 3-6 pjs2019-10-08 21:50:42
Minimum No of operations required to convert a given number to 1 – Integer Replacement Problem.346 BROOKS BROTHERS Tunic blue pink Small2019-10-06 16:00:02
Evaluation of Postfix Expressions (Polish Postfix notation) | Set 2Bullhead | 5 Long | Jeans2019-10-04 23:35:14
Evaluation of Postfix Expressions (Polish Postfix notation) | Set 1Chelsea & Violet Tops2019-10-03 00:44:00
Find all the numbers in the range which has prime set bits.NWT Capezio Light Suntan Transition Tight2019-09-30 20:31:04
Check if Graph is Bipartite – Adjacency Matrix using Depth-First Search(DFS)2019-09-28 23:25:58
Check if Arithmetic Expression contains duplicate parenthesisNew Champion Long Sleeved Crop Top2019-09-26 21:08:50
Introduction to Bipartite Graphs OR BigraphsBurberry sneakers2019-09-25 20:54:08
Reverse the Directed GraphWoman sandals2019-09-22 21:50:05
Round Price Problem2019-09-20 22:21:46
Smallest Number after Removing K digits2019-09-18 21:33:04
Find Third Smallest elements in a given arrayBrooks Brother Button Down Blazer Jacket2019-09-16 22:08:13
Determine the order of Tests when tests have dependencies on each otherCabela's OutfitHer camouflage print Full Zip Jacket Size XL2019-09-14 23:57:36
Implement Graph Using Map – JavaBuffalo by David Bitton blue heathered sweater2019-09-12 20:30:54
Find the maximum number present in a StringNWT Cat & Jack Baby Boy 3 pack2019-09-10 20:01:59
Count number of subgraphs in a given graphC. Wonder Floral Print Shift Dress2019-09-08 20:18:57
Reverse a Stack using recursion – In Place (Without using extra memory)2019-09-06 22:38:40
Check if given an edge is a bridge in the graphCasual Corner Jeans2019-09-04 20:59:33
Convert Prefix to Postfix ExpressionCATHERINE MALANDRINO Black Velvet Mid-Thigh High-Rise Long Block2019-09-02 23:01:26
Convert Roman Number to IntegerWinter suit2019-08-31 01:35:12
Sort a given stack – Using Temporary StackSuper Soft by Butter GUC blue hoodie sweatshirt2019-08-30 19:49:53
Convert Postfix to Prefix ExpressionCATHERINE MALANDRINO S/S Black Rayon Turtleneck L2019-08-28 20:59:02
K-Means Algorithm2019-08-24 22:40:20
Convert Integer to RomanCartier Wallet #70***2019-08-24 22:16:44
String to Integer (AtoI – ASCII to Integer) – Recursive SolutionGirl Glitter PowerBoots2019-08-22 23:40:21
Grouping of AnagramsBullhead Denim Co. Women's Low Rise Short Lace Trim Denim Jean S2019-08-20 23:01:05
Print Processes and its messages from a given log fileChaus Sport Womens Swimwear Coverup2019-08-18 23:49:12
Linear Search vs Binary SearchChantecaille Chic Cheek & Highlight Duo Coral2019-08-16 23:52:54
Count the number of nodes in a given binary treeCalvin Klein Cotton Crew Neck Sweater Size Small Color: Wheat2019-08-14 22:40:21
Sieve of Eratosthenes – Find all Prime Numbers less than equal to N | Set 2Brighton Leather Crossbody2019-08-12 22:56:32
Longest contiguous character in a given String – O(N) SolutionGirls white tee2019-08-10 23:42:43
Convert Postfix to Infix ExpressionTank top!2019-08-08 23:27:35
Collatz Conjecture – Steps to transform Number to 1Off The Shoulder Dress2019-08-06 23:48:10
String to Integer (AtoI – ASCII to Integer)Calvin Klein -2pc 3-6 months2019-08-04 01:07:26
Find all Prime Numbers less than equal to N | Set 1California Waves Navy Heart Lace-Up One-Piece2019-07-28 00:42:00
Longest substring with at most two unique charactersCabi Argyle Cardigan Sweater Grey and Cream Medium2019-07-24 00:14:11
Monotone Increasing DigitsCHANEL WOC Vintage Wallet on Chain Crossbody Caviar Leather Guar2019-07-15 23:33:05
Convert Prefix to Infix ExpressionSleeveless Blouse2019-06-22 16:46:07
Convert Infix to Prefix ExpressionBaby Snowsuit2019-06-12 23:49:19
Find third largest element in a given arrayChaps Green Pattern Pullover2019-05-29 20:21:18
Find duplicates Characters in the given StringCalvin Klein Surplice Empire Waist Tie-Dye Dress2019-05-21 20:32:57
Max Flow Problem – Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm2019-05-16 22:05:48
Sum of all Unique elements in a given arrayCAbi Corduroy Skirt2019-05-07 21:13:04
Java program to find the largest element in arrayBlack Floral Romper2019-05-03 00:09:03
Convert Infix to Postfix ExpressionChic Jean 12 High Waist Mom Wedgie Tapered2019-04-23 23:28:26
Find three smallest elements in a given arrayCape Robbin Gold Studded summer sandal2019-04-16 00:07:24
Evaluation of Infix expressionsVTG 90s Carmen Marc Valvo Collection black dress2019-04-09 00:18:00
Stack Java Class – ExplainedTwo girls long sleeve small 6/6x NWT2019-04-03 21:59:05
Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache – Using LinkedHashSet and Deque | Set 22019-04-01 21:59:32
Merge K sorted Linked List – Using Priority Queue2019-03-26 21:11:02
Infix, Postfix and Prefix Notations/ExpressionsSleeveless Christopher & Banks dress size 142019-03-24 23:20:58
Count Set bits in a given NumberBrooks Brothers Pleat Front Dress Trousers2019-03-20 23:32:49
Check if array contains all unique or distinct numbers.burberry belt2019-03-16 23:47:03
Product of all Unique elements in a given array.Lincoln dress in Nettle Daisy Field, sz M2019-03-03 22:36:36
Valid Multiple ParenthesesCanali wool pinstriped blazar2019-02-22 00:34:03
Reverse a given number – Java CodeBurgundy Cejon Bohemian style scarf One size2019-02-17 23:13:30
Check if given number is perfect square – O(√N) SolutionCable & Gauge Sleeveless Asymetrical Tank Top Blue Large2019-02-09 13:48:09
Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache – Using HashMap and Doubly Linked List | Set 12019-02-05 22:59:48
Find first three largest elements in a given arrayVintage Brooks Brothers Navy Boiled Wool Jacket2019-02-03 01:00:24
Selection Sort – Java ImplementationCARMAR skirt2019-01-29 22:46:26
Print Number with its Sign in JavaCARLISLE Front Pleat Glen Plaid Boucle Wool Knee Length Skirt Sz2019-01-28 00:55:46
Find the nearest building which has bike | Find nearest specific vertex from source in a graph.2019-01-26 23:13:34
Valid Brackets – Part 2 | Stack MethodCarole Little Women Long Knit Dress2019-01-24 23:02:32
Find the roots of Quadratic Equation – Java ProgramCat and jack girls khaki shorts2019-01-23 20:52:50
Given two strings validate the output stringMen XXL Brooks Brothers Quarter Zip Sweater2019-01-21 20:33:39
Generate all the strings of length n from 0 to k-1.Calvin Klein Relaxed Fit Dress Pant2019-01-13 22:53:11
Find two smallest elements in a given arrayBurberry London VTG Men's Blue Houndstooth Wool Sport Coat Jacke2019-01-05 23:41:24
Front and Back Search in an ArrayCamper Sneaker Loafer Lace Up Oxford 392018-12-30 01:09:19
Print all Unique elements in a given arrayCharter Club Silver-Tone Crystal, Stretch Bracelet2018-12-19 01:50:07
Multiply with power of 2 without using pow() or * operatorCape Juby floral romper2018-12-16 21:16:20
Find Number of reverse pairs in an arrayBrown heels with leopard print flower2018-12-15 14:10:38
Find first two largest elements in a given arrayCAbi grey denim skirt, size 82018-12-13 00:04:40
Calculate Logn base r – Java ImplementationCaribbean Joe NWT Size 3X Purple & Pink Embroidered Keyhole Peas2018-12-11 01:00:54
Max Flow Problem – Introduction2018-12-09 20:35:40
Dijkstra Algorithm Implementation – TreeSet and Pair Class2018-11-21 15:10:26
Java Program to find Sum the elements of an ArrayBurton snowboarding boots, women size 9.2018-11-21 14:33:54
Insertion Sort – Java ImplementationBullhead slim/straight2018-11-19 21:59:01
Find Largest and Smallest word in a given StringCharlotte Russe Gray Stretch Denim Pants2018-11-03 23:18:30
Check if Given Number is power of 2.Cat & Jack - 2 Pink Fur Coats2018-10-27 18:26:37
Rotate the given array in cyclesKid's Western Rodeo Square Toe Genuine Leather Cowboy Black Boot2018-09-21 18:22:28
Heap Sort – Java ImplementationChelsea 28 Strapless Bow Front Dress2018-09-11 21:21:41
Print First n numbers in Fibonacci SeriesChloe sunglasses2018-09-05 20:00:55
Find the Area and Perimeter of Rectangle – Java ProgramChico Platinum Jeans size 002018-09-02 00:01:41
Find no of reverse pairs in an array which is sorted in two parts in O(N)2018-08-26 21:03:09
Reverse the given String using StackCache Faux Fur Faux Leather Trim Embellished Vest2018-08-22 22:10:50
Stack Data Structure – Introduction and Implementation80s Vintage Charles Jourdan Clutch2018-08-21 00:03:08
Dijkstra’s – Shortest Path Algorithm (SPT) – Adjacency List and Priority Queue – Java Implementation2018-08-17 22:46:01
Bubble Sort and Optimized Bubble Sort- Java ImplementationVintage - Casual Corner Navy and Gold Military Style Blazer2018-08-15 22:01:39
Find the Area of Triangle using base and height – Java Program3/ Children place women queen camo tee LG2018-08-12 19:43:10
Get the Sum of Digits in a number till it become a single digitWallet2018-08-08 23:49:57
Calculate Log2n without using built-in functionBeautiful Red & Navy dress2018-08-05 13:09:27
Check if given number is Prime – O(√N) Solution – Java ProgramCharles by Charles David Lindy Platform Ankle Strap Cork wedge S2018-08-04 12:30:15
Print First N Prime Numbers – Java CodeVTG Jimmie Johnson NASCAR Football Jersey2018-08-02 22:05:53
Print My IP Address – Java CodeCharlotte Russe Cardigan2018-07-31 23:04:52
Find the Circumference of a Circle – Java ProgramNever worn, tan leather flats2018-07-30 22:51:28
Check if two Strings are equal without using built-in function – JavaCeCe - White Dress - size 22018-07-30 22:36:52
Remove Vowels from a given StringCaribbean Joe Swim Suit2018-07-29 22:45:21
Linear Search AlgorithmC&C California Womens Short Sleeve Multicolor Striped Pullover T2018-07-28 21:07:29
Dijkstra’s – Shortest Path Algorithm (SPT) – Adjacency List and Min Heap – Java Implementation2018-07-25 21:38:54
Floyd’s Triangle – Java ImplementationNWOT Good Soles by Catherine Ankle Boots2018-07-24 23:31:44
Print Numbers from 1 to N without using loopBrooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 21 1103491D093 Gray Running Shoes Sne2018-07-17 21:23:15
Swap two numbers using Bitwise XOR OperatorRare Vintage 90s brooks brothers patchwork quilt pastel long sle2018-07-16 00:01:20
Java Program to determine if Given Year is Leap YearBoy's Chaps Polo Shirt2018-07-13 21:00:32
Find number of Distinct Permutations of a StringBuffalo Ladies' Super Soft Hoodie2018-07-10 20:09:56
Find the Area of a Circle – Java ProgramSize 4 place blue and black shoes2018-07-08 00:52:58
Dijkstra’s – Shortest Path Algorithm (SPT) – Adjacency Matrix – Java Implementation2018-07-05 21:32:16
Fizz Buzz Challenge – Java ImplementationNWT vintage Buster Brown long sleeve size 4T2018-07-02 20:32:18
Divide with power of 2 without using pow() or / operatorBurberry blazer sport jacket super 100s wool check pattern size2018-06-29 21:50:20
Maximum Difference between two elements in array – Largest Gap ProblemCBR Long Sleeve Striped Longline Button Down2018-06-27 23:26:53
Minimum number of guesses needed to find a specific numberSize 23 Carmar Denim LF Skirt2018-06-25 00:24:15
Left Shift (<>) OperatorsChan luu bracelet2018-06-22 21:31:05
Dijkstra’s – Shortest Path Algorithm (SPT)2018-06-20 11:08:44
Replace all vowels with next consonant in a given stringCAbi Beautiful skirt size 62018-06-18 00:08:11
Find the Area of a Triangle Using coordinatesCalvin Klein shorts2018-06-16 20:00:23
Java Program to find if Triangle can be formed using given 3 sidesBruno Magli Vintage Leather Jacket Size 422018-06-16 14:08:18
Convert Number to base 3 String RepresentationToddler red white and blue swimsuit2018-06-16 13:59:13
Find the Area of a Triangle Given Three Sides – Heron’s FormulaChampion Boys S (6-7) Shorts Bundle2018-06-09 13:29:49
Find Factorial of a given NumberBrand new girls champion tennis shoes2018-06-09 12:39:24
Reverse a String using RecursionBrooks Brothers Skirt Womens Size 4 Navy Blue Vintage2018-06-09 12:10:26
Find Sum of all Digits of a NumberGirl Carter Statement Necklace2018-06-09 12:04:31
Print maximum occurring character in a StringChampion Authentic Apparel2018-06-09 00:37:38
Kruskal’s Algorithm – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) – Complete Java Implementation2018-05-29 21:03:52
Introduction to Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)Calvin Klein Ultimate Boot Jeans - Medium Wash2018-05-17 00:04:11
Prim’s – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) |using Adjacency List and Priority Queue without decrease key in O(ElogV)2018-05-15 20:19:52
Prim’s – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) |using Adjacency List and Priority Queue with decrease key2018-05-13 15:56:05
Prim’s – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) |using Adjacency List and Min Heap2018-05-07 19:47:49
Prim’s – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) |using Adjacency Matrix2018-04-25 22:29:57
Prim’s Algorithm – Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)2018-04-21 21:40:54
Graph – Find Cycle in Undirected Graph using Disjoint Set (Union-Find)2018-04-15 13:23:01
Disjoint Set | Union-Find Algorithm – Union by rank and path compression2018-04-12 00:28:01
Disjoint Set Data Structure – Union Find Algorithm2018-04-07 23:27:03
Graph – Count all paths between source and destinationC9 by Champion Grey and Black Leggings XS2018-04-05 21:07:39
Graph – Find Number of non reachable vertices from a given vertexChristian louboutin men shoes size 42.5 European with spikes.2018-04-02 20:19:14
Graph – Detect Cycle in a Directed Graph using colors2018-03-29 22:21:43
Graph – Detect Cycle in an Undirected Graph using DFSVintage Chanel earring2018-03-26 23:17:41
Graph – Detect Cycle in a Directed GraphGreen jeans from Cache.2018-03-21 21:54:43
Graph – Software Installation ProblemChampion t-shirt2018-03-18 19:54:38
Snake and Ladder Problem2018-03-14 21:14:11
Weighted Graph Implementation – JAVACoco Chanel- Mademoiselle2018-03-13 22:23:16
Graph – Depth First Search in Disconnected GraphCambridge Soft patterned sweater2018-03-11 13:43:04
Topological SortVintage celine crossbody bag2018-03-06 22:16:05
Graph – Depth First Search using RecursionChristian Louboutin shopping bag2018-03-04 10:13:52
Graph Implementation – Adjacency Matrix | Set 3Buffalo Puzzle 500 African Beasts 2115" Used2018-03-01 22:51:52
Java Pair ClassChaser NWT Small Heather Montana Graphic Tee2018-02-25 20:43:10
Graph Implementation – Adjacency List – Better| Set 2Calvin Klein Navy Sweater - Women Size S2018-02-22 22:30:55
Minimum Copy Paste OperationsSet of 3 workout tanks2018-02-17 18:39:55
Count and print all Subarrays with product less than K in O(n)2018-02-12 23:10:46
Sliding Window Algorithm (Track the maximum of each subarray of size k)2018-02-10 18:38:00
Deque Implementation – JavaNWT white Calvin Klein Jeans joggers2018-02-08 22:29:57
Print all sub sequences of a given StringCabi 222 Laguna Slim Boyfriend Jean Size 8 Like New2018-02-05 22:23:27
Graph – Print all paths between source and destinationChaps Men's Small Short Sleeve Waffle Crew Neck Tee Shirt New Wi2018-02-04 13:48:30
Graph – Depth First TraversalC&C California Tie Dyed Tank Top2018-02-01 22:19:03
Print all sub sequences of a given array2018-01-28 22:34:36
Print all substrings of a given stringCasetify Natasha XS Max Phone Case2018-01-26 00:08:36
Sum of all sub arrays in O(n) Time2018-01-22 18:09:42
Print all subarrays of a given arrayChaira Boni Every Pink Maxi Long Dress Gown 402018-01-19 17:47:19
Text Justification Problem (OR Word Wrap Problem)2018-01-16 17:37:39
Dynamic Programming – Egg Dropping Problem2018-01-13 22:24:22
Nuts & Bolts Problem (Lock & Key problem)Charming Charlie Knit Scarf2018-01-10 20:29:28
Divide and Conquer – Rearrange array elements in special orderCato top, Size Small2018-01-05 20:18:16
Dynamic programming – Printer Problem2018-01-01 12:57:02
Remove Duplicates from a stringKhaki pull on pants Cambridge Skinny Ankle2017-12-28 19:12:11
Find median of two sorted arrays of same sizeBZees Sunny Slip-on Sneakers Athletic Comfort Walking Shoes Beig2017-12-23 14:01:30
Dynamic programming – Minimum Jumps to reach to end2017-12-17 13:42:17
Dynamic programming – Remove Boxes Problem2017-12-03 14:02:46
Find two non-repeating numbers in an array in O(n) time and O(1) space2017-10-29 09:24:47
Number of bit to be flipped to convert one number to another.Mid length women rain jacket2017-09-14 20:51:42
Separate even and odd integers in a given arrayChico's Zenergy Golf Shirt White/Blue L (2)2017-09-12 22:20:38
Find three elements in an array that sum to a zero.CALVIN KLEIN Khaki Shorts Size 02017-09-11 22:10:00
All elements appears thrice and one element appears once. Find that element in O(n) time and O(1) space2017-09-07 19:56:04
Separate 0’s and 1’s in a given arrayCarbon short sleeve hoodie2017-09-05 22:14:03
Find local minimum or local maximum in O(1).Child of mine carter's2017-09-04 14:27:54
Find three elements in an array that sum to a given valueMENS CANALI DRESS SHIRTS SZ 162017-09-03 22:09:56
Majority Element- Boyer–Moore majority vote algorithmCato Burnt Orange Button Down Cropped Top2017-09-01 19:31:15
Majority Element – Part 1CAbi Agency A-Line Ponte Skirt2017-09-01 19:23:38
Find the local minima in a given arrayBURTON Zip Up Long Sleeve Brown Paisley Insulated Hooded Jacket2017-09-01 19:15:53
Check whether the given number is a perfect squareChampion Men's Wallets2017-08-26 23:15:50
Check if array is sorted using recursionShorts2017-08-26 23:07:00
Find the Index from which 0 startsFloral high waisted leggings Carbon 382017-08-26 23:01:16
Find the increasing OR decreasing point in an arrayNWT Charter Club Eyelet Wrap Dress 12 Bright White2017-08-26 22:51:47
Find the only element in array which appears only onceChelsea28 Modern Fem Keyhole Longline Bralette2017-08-26 22:43:36
Algorithm to calculate power(k,n).New Charisma King 6pc Sheet Set2017-08-26 22:35:13
Find remainder without using modulo operator346 Brooks Brothers Green tank top sz M2017-08-26 22:27:31
Swap two numbers without using extra variableTan sweater vest2017-08-26 22:21:01
Number of 1’s in bit representation of a numberBurton Dryride Hooded Vest2017-08-26 17:23:17
Stock Single Sell Problem – O(n) Solution2017-08-26 17:12:14
Maximum Subarray OR Largest Sum Contiguous Subarray Problem – Divide and Conquer2017-08-26 16:59:09
Maximum difference between two elements where larger element appears after the smaller elementCHAMPION FULL ZIP SHERPA JACKET WHITE/BLUE2017-07-30 16:24:30
Find the right most unset bit OR zero bit of a numberBlack Side Slit Dance Skirt2017-07-30 16:16:12
Find the two repeating elements in a given array | 6 ApproachesCHAMPION Plum Puffer Coat (L/10-12)2017-07-24 19:07:06
Find the right most set bit of a numberCute Striped Skirt!!2017-07-23 14:39:04
Find two elements whose sum is closest to zero5/ Girl's Graphic Long Sleeve Tee2017-07-09 18:50:31
Find the element which appears maximum number of times in the array.Charming Charlie Sleeveless Striped Tank2017-06-26 20:06:29
Find duplicates in an given array in O(n) time and O(1) extra space.Vintage Cartier wallet2017-06-18 12:08:44
Find the last non repeating character in a given string.Brooks Brothers Stretch Navy Suit2017-06-11 19:21:28
Find the last repeating character in a given string.Charlotte Russe Denim Cut Off High Waisted Shorts2017-05-29 20:34:49
Find the first non repeating character in a given stringPurple collared sweater2017-05-27 15:08:59
Find the first repeating character in a given stringby the way. Lyssa Cut Out Dress in Black2017-03-08 00:09:32
k-Nearest Neighbors2016-12-30 00:01:34
Find longest Snake sequence in a given matrixCarole Little Silk Long Blouse Button Down Tunic2016-08-08 00:24:22
Dynamic Programming – Count all paths in 2D Matrix with Obstructions in itCharlotte Russe Rust Burnt Orange Knit Sweater XS2016-06-20 19:37:31
Dynamic Programming – Count all paths from top left to bottom right of a mXn matrixCalvin Klein-Straight Leg Jeans2016-06-19 10:29:43
Reverse the given Array without using built in functionBrighton Tailor Band Heeled Sandals Size 82016-06-19 10:17:23
Print All Diagonals of a given matrixPurse2016-06-17 22:55:55
Dynamic Programming – Edit Distance Problem2016-05-14 20:11:10
0-3 months Halloween one piece.2016-05-08 18:08:55
Dynamic Programming – Box Stacking Problem2016-04-17 17:23:51
Dynamic Programming – Split the String into Minimum number of Palindromes.2016-04-10 12:20:39
Dynamic Programming – Highway Billboard Problem2016-04-05 14:20:47
Dynamic Programming – Maximum Subarray ProblemWork our tank top2016-04-03 19:00:09
Kadane’s Algorithm – Maximum Subarray ProblemCOPY - Carter's pink striped overalls w/pockets 6 mo EUC2016-03-31 01:18:59
Convert Binary Tree into Threaded Binary Tree2016-03-24 18:55:05
Double Threaded Binary Tree Complete Implementation2016-03-21 20:53:09
Single Threaded Binary Tree Complete Implementation2016-03-19 16:56:28
Introduction to Threaded Binary TreeShoes2016-03-19 16:33:38
Implement Stack Using Linked ListDark blue jean shorts2016-03-19 13:18:13
Doubly Linked List Complete ImplementationBurton Touch n Go NWT2016-03-18 20:34:04
Circular Linked List Complete ImplementationBaby Carters Bear Security Blanket Lovey Circles2016-03-15 23:18:33
Swap Nodes in pairs in a Linked List by changing linksCharter club denim skirt NWT2016-03-13 20:09:38
Convert BST to Greater Sum TreeChelsea & Violet Boho Crochet Bell Sleeves Dress2016-02-27 20:45:26
Shortest Range in K-sorted Lists2016-02-19 22:54:24
Reverse Alternative ‘k’ nodes in a Linked List.Calvin Klein Cardigan2016-02-18 19:25:06
Reverse a Linked List in groups of given size ‘K’Champion Hot Pepper Shorts2016-01-03 20:47:34
Generate Maximum revenue by selling K tickets from N windowsBrand New Cache top2016-01-03 20:22:26
Get the Sum of all left leaves in a Binary treeBrooks brothers blazer/suit navy blue size 12 great condition 102015-12-06 11:44:36
Chadwick's Royal Blue Embellished TopCharlotte Russe Blue Ripped Jeans2015-12-06 11:32:11
Binary Tree-Postorder Traversal – Non Recursive ApproachBNWT 18-24M CALVIN KLEIN PJ PANTS2015-12-05 14:57:45
Binary Tree – Preorder Traversal – Non Recursive ApproachCare Bears iPhone X Clear Case2015-12-05 12:33:53
Binary Tree-Inorder Traversal – Non Recursive ApproachCharming Charlie Pink Floral Embroidered Tank Top2015-12-04 23:59:57
Delete the Binary TreeBrooks Shoes, Glycerin 11, Size 12, well worn2015-12-04 23:25:34
Search the Element in a binary tree – With and Without RecursionChampion 6 Pair Men's Black No Show Socks2015-12-04 23:10:45
Tree TraversalsBlue C&C California Leggings2015-11-08 13:01:11
Find the Size of a Binary Tree without RecursionChelsea28 Black Off The Shoulder Cocktail Dress2015-11-08 12:33:19
Dynamic Programming — Longest Palindromic Subsequence2015-08-04 22:15:53
Dynamic Programming – Maximum Product Cutting Problem.CABI marigold slide sandals mules2015-07-11 10:16:50
Dynamic Programming – Minimum Numbers are Required Whose Square Sum is Equal To a Given Number2015-07-03 21:35:20
Dynamic Programming – Longest Common SubstringBY & BY Women Red Floral Dress Lace With Lining2015-06-29 21:29:51
Dynamic Programming – Longest Common SubsequenceBlack Swimsuit2015-06-28 11:43:44
Dynamic Programming – Rod Cutting ProblemCalvin Klein Bralette 2-Pack2015-06-27 17:59:36
Dynamic Programming – Coin Change ProblemCarter Sequin Heart Tulle Dress2015-06-27 15:06:04
Dynamic Programming – Minimum Cost Path ProblemCharming Charlie White & Green Polka Dot Blouse2015-06-14 17:51:12
All N Length Strings from Given String of Length KCharming Charlie dragonfly infinity scarf2015-06-10 21:40:01
Generate Well Ordered Passwords of a Given Length KCandie Black Sparkly Skater Skirt2015-06-10 21:34:53
Print All N Length Strings from Given Number K2015-06-10 21:19:49
Print All Possible Subsets with Sum equal to a given Number2015-06-08 20:56:00
Dynamic Programming – Maximum size square sub-matrix with all 1sChristian Audigier signature tee2015-05-10 13:47:45
Dynamic Programming – Subset Sum Problem2015-05-10 13:34:32
The Word Break Problem2015-05-10 13:15:51
Dynamic Programming – Longest Increasing SubsequenceCalvin Klein Drawstring Swim Cover Up Kaftan S/M2015-05-10 02:14:14
Backtracking – Knight’s Tour Problem2015-05-10 01:28:37
Backtracking – Search a Word In a Matrix2015-05-10 01:09:13
Backtracking – N Queens Problem – Better Solution2015-05-10 00:55:54
Backtracking – N Queens Problem2015-05-10 00:43:48
Find the Kth Smallest/Largest Element in an ArrayCalvin Klein 90s high waisted khaki shorts.Size 102015-05-10 00:31:22
Priority Queue in Data StructureBurberry long sleeve2015-05-10 00:21:29
Champion Reverse Weave Gray Sweat Skirt Pencil Sweats Lounge SzABLE & GAUGE. Women tank.2015-05-09 23:52:38
Breadth-First Search/Traversal in a Graph.2015-05-09 23:44:09
Breadth-First Search/Traversal in a Binary TreeChildren's Place sweater2015-05-09 23:16:32
Sort Names by their Last Names.Buffalo by David Bitton Jacket2015-05-08 18:45:42
Backtracking – Rat In A Maze Puzzle2015-04-13 15:03:35
Backtracking – SUDOKU Solver2015-03-16 20:24:30
Introduction To Backtracking ProgrammingChooka Hello Kitty Edition Rainboots2015-03-16 20:13:31
Dynamic Programming – Stairs Climbing PuzzleByer California top2015-03-16 20:04:44
Dynamic Programming – Minimum Coin Change ProblemCacique Bra Lightly Lined Full Coverage Maroon and Gold 42DD2015-03-16 19:57:27
Introduction To Dynamic Programming – Fibonacci SeriesButter London eyeshadow palette2015-03-16 19:44:12
Merge K Sorted Arrays2015-03-14 15:33:24
Find the Deepest Left Node in a Binary Tree.Calvin Klein coat boys2015-03-14 15:24:00
Find a Number occurring odd number of times in a Given arrayPink celebrity jeans stretch pants2015-03-14 15:11:50
Rearrange the Array of Given Range N, such that A[i]=iCWonder long sweater with brick red details, patch pockets in br2015-03-14 15:06:50
Find a Missing Number From a Sequence of Consecutive Numbers | XOR MethodCalia by Carrie Underwood Workout Shorts, XS.2015-03-14 14:44:19
Find the Max element in a Given Binary TreeCathy Daniels Gorgious Pink Floral Sweater2015-03-14 14:40:48
Populate Next Siblings Pointers in a Given Binary Tree OR Populate Next Right Pointers in Each Node2015-03-14 14:36:20
Check If One Binary is Mirror Tree of another Binary Tree.NWT Brighton Love & Joy Crossbody Pouch Bag2015-03-14 14:21:10
Print All Paths From Root In a Binary Tree Whose Sum is Equal to a Given NumberWomen CAbi Black Cool Down Pants sz M2015-03-14 14:14:08
Diameter Of a Binary Tree2015-03-14 14:08:57
Reverse Level Order TraversalChelsea Callahan Canary one chest pocket Tee Shirt Size Small2015-03-14 03:02:16
Find the Deepest Node in a Binary Tree.Beautiful Calypso St Barth blazer2015-03-14 02:15:48
Find the Height of a tree without RecursionScarf2015-03-14 02:11:36
Print All The Full Nodes in a Binary TreeRain boots2015-03-14 02:02:33
Binary Min-Max Heap Implementation2015-02-22 17:21:28
Magic Index – Find Index In Sorted Array Such That A[i] = i.Dress2015-02-22 17:06:00
Find numbers which are palindrome in both their decimal and octal RepresentationsWomens cropped corvette hoodie2015-02-22 16:02:07
Find All the Well Ordered Permutations of a Given String.Calvin Klein White Open Front Rhinestone Cardigan Size Large2015-02-22 14:35:09
Find Increasing Triplet Sub-sequenceVintage Charter Club Y2K Retro Soft Quilted Plaid Denim Jacket S2015-02-22 14:19:19
Construct a Special Triangle from a Given ArrayCarters Purple & Gray Colorblock Leggings Girls Size 82015-02-22 14:10:01
Colorful Numbers2015-02-22 00:14:01
Print All the Subsets of a Given Set (Power Set)2015-02-21 23:59:01
Goldbach’s ConjectureCALIA by Carrie Underwood Ruched Long Sleeve Top2015-02-21 23:50:23
Convert Decimal into Irreducible FractionWhite sheer studded top2015-02-21 00:21:16
Clock Angle ProblemBrook Brothers Light Sweaters Bundle2015-02-20 19:28:47
Print All Combinations of subset of size K from Given Array2015-02-20 19:07:29
Track the Maximum Element in a Stack.Camille La Vie Jeweled, Ruched Layer Skirt Dress2015-02-16 16:24:07
Print All Possible Valid Combinations Of Parenthesis of Given ‘N’2015-02-05 14:14:38
Graph Representation – Adjacency Matrix and Adjacency ListCache Beaded Spaghetti Strap Long Gown/Dress2015-02-02 17:38:37
Counting SortBuffalo David Bitton Men Packable Jacket2015-02-02 16:21:13
Towers Of HanoiVintage Patrick Roy officially licensed jersey2015-02-02 16:15:09
Generate All Strings of n bits.Calvin Klein jeans Black sneakers2015-02-01 15:57:18
Find The Missing Duplicate in a Given Array.Callaway golf Skort2015-02-01 15:40:25
Sort 3 Integers without using if condition OR use only Max() function.Chicken pea quilted footed sleeper2015-02-01 15:30:49
Euclidean algorithm – Greatest Common Divisor(GCD)CHRISTOPHER &BANKS Green Sweater Pullover - Size S2015-01-31 23:46:08
Implement Queue Using StacksChico's Black Label Solid Sheath Dress Black 3/4 Sleeve NWT Siz2015-01-31 23:38:08
Alternate Splitting of a given Linked ListCatherines Blouse2015-01-31 23:03:46
Reverse The Doubly Linked ListMen Calvin Klein Zip Up Herringbone Sweater2015-01-31 21:48:00
Swap Kth Node from the front with the Kth Node from the EndChampion Hoodie2015-01-31 21:25:09
Print the Bottom View of the Binary Tree.Purple Champion Women hat2015-01-30 03:38:05
Delete X Nodes After Y Nodes In a Linked ListTee shirt bundle Charlotte ruse2015-01-29 13:11:27
Merge Sort in a Linked listCalvin Klein Athletic Taper Distressed Jean2015-01-29 12:55:27
Merge a Linked list into another Linked List at Alternate Positions.Carter's Child of Mine a Onsie Pajamas sz 2T2015-01-05 20:22:52
AVL Tree – Insertion2014-12-30 23:10:35
Construct a binary tree from given Inorder and Level Order Traversal2014-12-30 21:46:58
Construct Binary Search Tree from a given Preorder Traversal Using Stack (Without Recursion)2014-12-30 05:55:03
Construct Binary Search Tree from a given Preorder Traversal using Recursion2014-12-30 05:45:40
Print The Top View of a Binary TreeCalvin Klein Shape jeans2014-12-30 05:29:07
Construct a Binary Tree from Given Inorder and Depth-First-Search.2014-12-30 05:16:11
Depth First Search/Traversal in Binary TreeChelsea 28 Ruffle Shift dress2014-12-30 05:03:06
Inorder Predecessor and Successor in Binary Search Tree2014-12-29 22:08:55
Check if Array Contains All Elements Of Some Given RangeBundle of 2 Chadwicks camisole tank tops.2014-12-29 20:44:38
Check if Array is Consecutive IntegersBrighton Med Soft Pink with Silver color buckle2014-12-29 20:37:11
Find the subarray with sum to a Given Value.by the way. Little Black Dress Bodycon Sheer Balloon Sleeves Dee2014-12-29 20:28:35
In an Array, find the Smallest Subarray with Sum Greater than the Given ValueCalvin Klein jacket2014-12-29 20:18:37
Rearrange Positive and Negative Elements at Alternate Positions in an Array In O(1) Extra Space2014-12-28 06:21:34
Find intersection between Two Sorted Arrays.Cape Robbin heels2014-12-28 06:09:47
Find Kth Smallest or Largest element in an Array.Nwot cappelli straworld green straw tote bag2014-12-28 06:02:44
Given an array arrA[], find the maximum j – i such that arr[j] > arr[i].off the shoulder top2014-12-28 05:53:26
Find All Elements in an Array which appears more than N/K times, N is Array Size and k is a Number.2014-12-28 03:15:17
Search an Element in a Rotated Sorted ArrayMens Calvin Klein suit size 40 Regular 100% Linen2014-12-28 02:53:10
Print All The Nodes Which are X distance from the Given Node2014-12-08 23:37:27
Print All The Nodes Which are X distance from the Leaf Nodescute brown work pants2014-12-08 23:24:13
Print All The Nodes Which are X distance from the RootBoys Summer Outfits Shirt Shorts Cat & Jack2014-12-08 23:16:50
Find the Distance between Two Nodes of a Binary Tree.2014-12-08 23:05:02
Find The Distance From Root To Given Node of a Binary Tree.Bruno Magli Classy Flats 6.5 B2014-12-08 22:55:07
Construct a binary tree from given Inorder and Postorder Traversal2014-12-08 22:44:15
Print the Vertical Sum in binary Tree .Chico's So slimming sage green pants Chico's size 22014-12-08 22:19:30
Print the Binary Tree in Vertical Order Path.Target Cat Jack Holiday Sports Football Soccer Baseball Basketba2014-12-08 22:11:03
Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree (Not Binary Search Tree).2014-11-18 08:52:45
Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Search Tree.harlotte russe brown jacket2014-11-18 08:28:54
Make a Binary Tree from Given Inorder and Preorder Traveral.2014-11-18 08:06:33
Given a binary tree, find out the maximum sum of value from root to each leaf.Girls nightgown2014-11-18 07:50:13
Reverse Alternate levels of a given Binary Tree.Cologne2014-11-18 07:28:37
Given a Sorted Singly Linked List Array, Convert it into a Balanced Binary search Tree.Chaus New York Green Pants Womens Size 142014-11-18 07:03:24
Given a binary tree, Convert it into its Mirror TreeCarter's Boys Brown Faux Leather Slip On Loafers Kid's Youth Siz2014-11-18 03:46:41
Champion Green Golf Polo Men's XXLGreen Spring Top2014-11-18 02:46:53
Convert a Sorted Doubly Linked List to Balanced BST.Chelsea & Violet Dip-Dye Button-Down Shirt2014-11-18 02:30:44
Given a binary tree, Find the Maximum Path Sum between Any Two LeavesProm dress2014-11-18 01:00:34
Print Left View of a given binary treeChampion Shorts2014-11-18 00:46:23
Print Right View of a given binary treeCalvin Klein black padded T-Shirt Bra2014-11-17 23:33:25
In a Binary Tree, Check if Two nodes has the same parent or are siblingsLightweight Sweater2014-11-17 23:12:16
In a Binary Tree, Check if two nodes are CousinsCarmar snakeskin embossed skinny jeans2014-11-17 22:46:45
Check if Two BST’s are IdenticalCato brown denim look dress pants2014-11-17 21:45:02
Print Paths from root to all leaf nodes in a binary tree.Carmar Los Angeles black gray skeleton style jeans2014-11-17 21:14:09
Print All The Permutations Of a String2014-11-14 22:06:29
Sort an Given Array in the order defined by another arrayBull head jeans2014-11-14 21:02:52
Sort an Array – odd numbers appear first in ascending order followed by the even numbers in descending order.Carter Dress size 62014-11-11 08:08:33
Print All Nodes Between Two Given LevelsChacos Z/Cloud Adjustable Strap Outdoor Sandal - Black2014-11-11 07:54:34
Find the maximum width of a binary treeMens Callaway Polo Golf Shortsleeve Opti- Dri Shirt2014-11-11 05:23:43
Find the number of occurrences of a number in a given sorted array.Calvin Klein Jeans Boys Shorts2014-11-11 03:14:09
Find all common numbers in given three sorted arrays.Nascar Dale Earnhardt Jr Black T Shirt2014-11-11 03:05:11
Level Order Traversal in Zig Zag pattern OR Print in Spiral Pattern2014-11-10 20:04:05
Find the first repeated element in an array by its indexCalvin Klein black size 32 waist belt.2014-11-10 18:58:58
Minimum number that cannot be formed by any subset of an arrayCalvin Klein Tank2014-11-10 18:21:30
Determine whether given binary tree is binary search tree(BST) or notCAKE MATERNITY Tutti Frutti Nursing Sports Bra2014-09-27 20:58:54
Find the Size of the Binary TreeCute bunny toddler shoes2014-09-27 19:12:28
Given two binary trees, check if one binary tree is a subtree of anotherBody Central blouse !!2014-09-27 18:18:22
Print a path from Root to Node in Binary TreeChic Soul Poncho2014-09-27 18:04:50
Inorder Successor in Binary Search Tree without Using Parent link2014-09-27 16:46:09
Inorder Successor in Binary Search Tree Using Parent link2014-09-27 16:46:01
Inorder Successor in Binary TreeCape Robbin Maria Black2014-09-27 16:45:50
Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree of Minimal HeightPencil skirt2014-09-27 15:51:19
In a Binary Tree, Create Linked Lists of all the nodes at each depth.2014-09-22 21:38:14
Level Order Traversal, Print each level in separate line.Champion Fish Bone Fishing Fast Dry Shorts sz 362014-09-21 08:03:34
Find whether if a Given Binary Tree is Balanced?CHARTER CLUB LEOPARD PRINT FUZZY VEST2014-09-21 01:16:54
Get the Height of a Node in a Binary TreeBlack jacket2014-09-20 17:05:05
Find the Maximum Depth OR Height of a Binary TreeCesare Paciotti Shoes2014-09-19 15:53:16
Add two numbers represented by a linked list, Numbers are Stored in FORWARD orderBurberry Men's Silk Tie2014-09-16 22:59:40
Add two numbers represented by a linked list, Numbers are Stored in REVERSE orderCentral Park West long cardigan2014-09-16 22:28:49
Reverse the binary representation of a number.Girls black EUC Capezio 4M tap shoes!!! Great condition!!2014-09-16 20:32:30
Binary Search Tree (BST) Complete Implementation.Charlotte Russe jean shorts2014-09-16 00:38:04
Reverse a Linked List – Part 2NWOT - Cacique Cardigan2014-09-14 03:13:55
Swap Every Kth Node in a LinkedListChampion joggers heather blue2014-09-14 03:02:40
Delete a Node in the Middle of a linked list, Given only access to that NodeCato Premium Denim Jeans Bermuda Shorts Embellished 5 Pocket2014-09-12 17:16:37
Find the n’th Node from the end of a given Linked ListLightweight Navy Sweater Tee2014-09-12 06:40:00
Remove Duplicates from an Unsorted Linked listCabin Creek Ladies Size L Wool Pea Fleece2014-09-11 17:06:30
Check if one string is Rotation of another stringBrand new Brooks Brothers skirt with pockets .2014-09-09 23:29:04
String Compression using count of repeated characters – Run Length EncodingCasual Corner Womens Size 10 Black Solid Square Pants2014-09-09 02:49:24
Replace all spaces in a String with ‘%20’Champion black French terry short , size large2014-09-08 05:26:30
Find Whether Two Strings are Permutation of each otherChampion leggings2014-09-08 05:19:13
Find Intersection Point in Two Linked ListWomen Button Up2014-09-06 17:41:44
Find the Loop in a Linked list, find its length and Break the LoopCELLO Denim Jeans2014-09-05 21:49:36
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